Mix Serum with your Foundation for Better Results!

Mix your foundation with a stellar serum like TelomErase 6-in-1 Multi-Corrective Serum

Tips from beauty site LillyRose @julietly: how to mix serums with your foundation for better results:

Foundations do so much more for our skin than just even out and conceal. Many foundations nowadays have healing properties to help improve skin. Rather than go out and buy a whole new bottle of foundation, you can make your own miracle by following the 5 ways to mix foundation.

1. Oil- For people with dry skin, mixing a foundation with one to two drops of jojoba oil will make the foundation apply smoothly over any dry spots. For people with acne-prone skin, a drop or two of tea tree oil will make your foundation into an acne-fighting foundation.

2. Moisturizer- This is the perfect way to create your own BB cream at home. Mix a drop of foundation with moisturizer/ face cream for a BB cream that matches your skin perfectly!

3. Serum- One of my favorite ingredients to mix with foundation. My skin has been loving the TelomErase Serum. I put one drop of this serum on the back of my hand and add two drops of foundation. I mix the two together and I end up with a foundation that covers and works to erase dark spots, brightens, and moisturizes. RevivSerums TelomErase Serum has really helped my foundation step it up. Sometimes my foundation emphasizes dry spots around my eyes and nose area. Now, my face feels soft and hydrated because this serum has the same texture and moisturizes like an oil. Whether I have my makeup on or my makeup off, my skin just looks brighter and more radiant. I love how soft and smooth my face looks after mixing this serum in to my foundation! (Tip: When mixing serums with your foundation make sure you apply the mixed foundation quickly to your skin because serums are meant to absorbed quickly or it will become dry and hard to apply.)

4. Other foundations- I know we have all done this before. We have stood at the makeup display, debating between two bottles of foundation, unsure which one really matches our skin tone. After standing there for a full hour, I go home and find out that I still bought the wrong color. To fix this mistake, I mix my foundation with another bottle of foundation. I add a drop of foundation of the back of my hand and mix it with another drop or two of the other foundation to create a foundation that actually matches my skin.

5. Concealer- Sometimes foundation doesn’t cover as much as we like, rather than buying a whole new bottle of foundation, I mix my foundation with a bit of concealer. I take my concealer and apply a small amount to the back of my hand, then I apply two drop of foundation and mix well. So my face doesn’t look cakey, I apply this mixture with a beautyblender.

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