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Reviv serum reviews

Almost one week
Applying daily before gng bed
Hope for the positive result

Nice RCP combo

Very effective product. Hair fall stopped substantially even in few days of use... Recommended

Promising Start!

I have been using the serum for a few weeks now, and after blow drying my hair, I have lots of little flyaways... I am hoping that with continued use, these flyaways continue to grow and provide some more coverage for my genetic thinning hair. I have no issues using the medicine dropper and the serum absorbs/dries without making my hair look greasy.

Too soon to tell, but a couple of negatives

Just started using this. The ingredient are pretty much cutting edge. Feels good and I like the smell of it. Time will tell if it works as claimed. A couple of negatives. Not sure why they have to put the serum in 5 small 6ml (supposedly) vials. They are really hard to open and once opened the stopper doesn't really stay in place. Also, although each vial is said to contain 6 ml - I challenge any to actually extract the last 1 ml using the supplied syringe. It's impossible, so you can't really use each vial for 6 days as claimed. They really should include 6.5 ml ot 7 ml in each vial to enable users to extract 6 ml of usable serum from each vial.

Thanks for you for taking the time to post your review. Indeed, each vial is actually 'topped off' in our manufacturing process to contain more than 6 ml (about 6.3 ml) because the serum can cling to the glass vial.

The reason for dividing the product into 5 6-ml vials is primarily because of the short shelf life of the product once exposed to air (one month). Additionally, many customers use only one vial at a time as a maintenance dose (for example, one week a month).

Glad to find this

I’m glad I found a serum that’s affordable that really does help my hair. It’s not a cure for Seborrheic Dermatitis, which makes me sad because there seems to be nothing in the world that actually cures a condition like that. But, I will say that it has been restoring some thickness and feels like it’s been strengthening my hair, too. It’s like crack for your roots. The only thing is that the application seems to be unavoidably messy and I wonder why the directions tell you to wash your hands very well after using. I’m just wondering if that means it’s slightly toxic for your skin 🤷🏻‍♀️

Thanks for your great review. Note the hand-washing warning is just a standard one for topicals that sometimes users apply or rub in with their fingertips (so you don't transfer it to your eyes or nose, for instance).

Regarding applicators, if you're referring to the included medicine dropper, you might try one of the alternative applicators like the treatment pump -- a bit less messy perhaps.

Promising so far

Too soon to review with much objectivity, as I'm both finishing a container of TNS and starting one of Reviv. I'll give this 4 stars for possibility, good customer service to date, and similarity to TNS with a much better price!


Used one bottle. Don’t see any difference, but very hopeful.

I like it

I like this serum , I’ve bought it a couple times now . I’m honestly not sure about any tanning result ( maybe they could add a higher % of the active tanning peptides )
It does however make my skin look great - on body and face . People have commented on how young I look lately .
More noticeable results than high end moisturizer and serums from other brands.
So over all I like it a lot , just wish there was a more significant tanning effect

Love it...smell could improve

I do think this has improved the tone and texture of my skin. It's super easy and fail-safe to use without any streaking issues like with self-tanner. My main compliant is the smell -- it smells like leather tanner to me. The smell sticks around for a several hours. Also when I'm done using, I always wash hands but the bright orange color still gets onto my towels. I do find that if I let it dry for long enough it doesn't get onto my clothes though which I'm happy about.


I have started using the reviv hair serum on 23/6/2021 its just been 15 -17 days now . BUT I have to say after using the serum for like 5 days continuously I started noticing a tremendous reduction in the hair-fall
after ten-day, my hair fall completely stopped and I am also noticing some baby hair growing back in the receding areas, I am really happy with the product as well as the service they provide
already ordered my second bottle, as It takes almost 20+ days to get delivered to Mumbai.
I Will definitely continue further to see more visible results

So far so good

Leaves my hair feeling nice.

Good product

Very good product

hair serum

Started with serum end of 2020 and definitely have growth where it was smooth. Added microneedling for bald spot. Will give it a few more months for final results.

Shampoo (Nice and clean)

I recently purchased the shampoo and the shampoo provides a nice lather with no chemical sulfates (added bonus). It also gently cleans the scalp and thickens the hair. A little shampoo goes a long way. Nice product!

Reviv hair serum review

Great product, non greasy and easy on the scalp unlike minoxidil. Slow progress but still continuing

I have only used the serum for a few weeks. It goes on smooth and absorbs quickly. It will take more time to see skin renewal results, but I am hopeful.

Made a noticeable difference

I tried Finasteride and Minoxidil, both had negative effects that forced me to stop.

So far I've been using this about a month and I do believe it's slowed things down.

I don't think it made much difference on top, but I recently noticed quite a bit of growth on my hairline.

Keeping in mind I've been missing days so often I only use this about once every 2 days(1.5mg), maybe I can get some better results if I do daily.

The worse thing is after I use it - it doesn't smell of much so that's not noticeable, but it makes my hair look pretty bad, I'd never be able to go out after using it.
I got a couple extra vials but didn't opt to put those in yet, I'll put those in the second one and probably decide if I'll use this long term after that.

Really Pathetic!!!

As there's no Negative Stars that's why one star.... else this Product and company Deserves Negative Rating!!!

I ordered and paid for full Courier service with Guarantee and Commitment of proper delivery of the product to my Place... But UPS Courier charged me an extra amount - CoD and packaging was also not Properly done ... product was leaking.

As it is mentioned and Advertised it seemed to me a Good Company and Product but after seeing the commitment and Packaging it seems fake company and Substandard product.

There is no proper Help and False Commitment from the Company.

Really a let down and waste of money.

Sorry to hear you received a leaking product. Please be sure to reach out to customer care and we can ship you a complimentary replacement product right away. Note that all our products incorporate proper transport seals and lids, and leaks are very rare.

Any VAT or tax upon delivery is the responsibility of the recipient. Sometimes the fees can be a bit arbitrary as to when they are levied. Of course it also depends on the overall value of the shipment.

Impressed with my results

I have many regrowth products over the years, only to be disappointed with the lack of substantial results. That has changed when I began using RevivHair Max a month ago. I am a female and lost my hair along my hairline due to alopecia. My entire hairline is growing back and I no longer have bald spots. Will start my 2nd bottle and plan to reorder soon.

So Far So Good

Hairloss under control. Good results so far. Waiting for my second bottle

Receding hairline

I'm in my early 50's and find that with each progressing year after my mid 40's my hairline continues to thin away and recede. After three weeks of applying the RevivHair serum I've noticed slight thickening of my hairline. My hairline now remains in the same location -meaning it seems to have stopped traveling backwards. I will continue to use the serum to confirm what I see is real and not wishful perception.

Great product and price

I've been using this product for a little over a year now and it is definitely helped maintain my hair and hopefully will continue to keep it as thick as possible

I think I like it but price is tought to swallow

I like the way my skin looks and feels more than I hate the price so. Good stuff.

Remarkable serum, my skin responds very well.

I love the Telomerase serum. I am ancient but still have fine skin, minimal wrinkles but some sagging due to many years of extreme aging promoting drug, a cortisol mimic, seratide/prednisone puffer for asthma (now recovered). I used this during those bad years and kept my face to the point that even now uninvolved women say I look 20 years younger. Most of my life I used lipstick and eye pencil and shampoo, and from mid sixties have used the Reviv products. Not all the time but steadily. The Reviv hair products kept hair on my head during the years on the drug. Products which still supported skin and hair life against strong cortisol mimics are amazing. I am so thankful I found Reviv, read it was a startup out of the industry, read the ingredients and knew this was it.