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Simply the best!

I love this product,!! Results do not or take long to see. I’m 55 years old and get compliments on my skin all the time!


Good hair growth

Gorgeous hair

Grear product am using it for 3 weeks and seeing improvement already very happy highly recommend

Thicker hair

I've been using there serum for about a month prior to using the booster, a month of using it and the hair on my crown has started to thicken, hair loss in other areas nearly stopped. Fantastic product.


Good job. terrific product. tremendous customer service.

placode booster smells amazing

....and it is very refreshing on the scalp, my hair grows slowly and almost all over my head (I have alopecia totalis) since I have been using serum,hope that placode speed up the process. Keep up the good work,I am your loyal customer!

Reviv Hair Stimulating Serum 5%

Ive been using reviv hair stimulating serum 5% for 60 days now and im really impressed at the results ive had. I was at first skeptical as ive used many hair products in the past with no results. Im looking forward to the next few months to see even more results. Many thanks..
Lee from Manchester UK :)


Just wanted to give some feedback with your products.

I have used the sample set-
The serums results are in fact amazing in the short term so I wonder how they would go long term.

Also I have been using the stimulating serum for hair (works on eyelashes and beard as well) and the olgo vials.
And I’m using the shampoo

Interesting results. Hair condition is very very nice, it looks full and alive.
The smell kind of reminds me of Pantene a little bit. But it’s not strong at all so it’s not something that bothers me at all.
(However the instant results are not as impressive as kerastase specific or densify range)
BUT....your products are actually delivering more then just instant results. Have been about a month of use with your hair care range.
I have noticed and incredible amount of new hairs around my hairline, areas where no hair has grown for a while.
Hair loss/shedding has reduced dramatically.
However the vials are annoying the grey lid doesn’t stay on very well once you have removed the purple cap.

Other then that. Products that I have used are delivering!
Thank you!

Great Product

After only two weeks my scalp looks and feels much healthier.

great results

i begfan using the placode booster to compliment the reviv derum. i was skeptical , but have seen lots of new growth and stronger hair.

TelomErase 6-in-1 Multi-Corrective Serum

There been no noticeable difference so I don’t feel I’ve been using the TelomErase 6-in-1 Multi-Corrective Serum long enough to give it a review at this time.


Can't compliment this product enough!


I was very pleased with the timeliness and the protective packaging of your product. I ordered a similar product from another company prior to yours and it arrived broken and all the product leaked out and still haven't had any satisfaction so thank you for the attention to shipping. I will stick with you from now on.

Revive Serum 5% Redensyl

I've only used it for a couple of weeks now. It's too early to tell, and unfortunately I'm still losing hair when I shampoo.

Love it!

I am a return customer from a collaboration I did with you guys on my blog -

I love this serum mainly because I find it stops my hairfall drastically. Not sure wether it actually grows out more hair but as long as it at least controls hairfall, I am happy with it.

I need more

Dermaroller and max serum have really been good I think it shows enough progress in the first months to show it would be a great 6-12 month project. Just need me a package deal tbh

Love this Serum!

Feels great going on, absorbs quickly leaving skin feeling silky and glowing. I use it at night and still feel the result in the morning.

Legit product

Ive been using the Grow Gorgeous intense serum for about 8 months but wanted something stronger. I like the science in this serum and have been using daily for about 3 weeks. I find my hair has more body and fullness. Looking forward to long term results.

Amazing hair care

It took me a while to like this product. I used it a few times here and there and found it made my hair too soft. Bummer because I love the ingredients. A few weeks ago I purchased an at home keratin treatment (no formaldehyde) or my dry thin looking ends. That was the answer. I am now able to use this duo with the results I want. My hair looks full and feels soft. Thanks for your awesome products, I will purchase again:)

So far so good

I've been using the serum form two weeks, too soon to seen any new growth. I like the volume it adds and the ingredients are like nothing else on the market let alone at this great price. Two weeks in and I"ve already committed to buying a 3 month supply.


The ultimate serum lived up to the description. It has made a pretty substantial improvement. I hope it continues. I will be ordering the full size. Finally a product that actually does what it says. Thank you for working hard to put it together. I should have taken a before and after. But after time and money with no results I really had given up. Your serum was my last effort. And JACKPOT!!!


Lashes are thick and LONG & feathery. Been using for 3 month. It seems to work a little slower than Latesse, but is much cheaper and lwill last a lot longer.


i didn't see a lot of improvement but i am not going to give up i know this could take some time to see results

This serum really works!

I was using TNS Essential serum for years with good results, but it is very expensive. I was looking for an anti-aging serum with similar ingredients.

I can honestly say Telomerase is even better, and I am constantly getting compliments on my skin.


It has been a little over 2 weeks and I definitely see a difference with my skin! I had used another well known product in the past and never saw results this quickly! My co-worker commented that I looked less tired and my skin looked great!


Keinerlei Nebenwirkungen so wie man es von Minoxidil kennt. Kein Jucken kein anschwellen des Gesichts. Mein Haarausfall wurde nach nur 3 Wochen bei 2x täglicher Anwendung gestoppt. Bisher 5 Sterne !

Vielen Dank, Andre! For English speakers, here is the published review translated: 'No side effects like Minoxidil. No itching no swelling of the face. My hair loss was stopped after only 3 weeks with 2x daily use. So far 5 stars!'
Stimulating Hair Serum

Using for about 3 months, easy to use, looking forward to the new 5% version.

RevivHair Stimulating Serum Review

Great Product! It's working. That thinning area is filling in with hair.


I am in LOVE with all of the products!! I began with the SERUM, SHAMPOO and CONDITIONER!!! My hair feels thicker already and the SMELL is AMAZING!!! It is shiny and well-conditioned without being weighed down. I am actually growing my hair longer due to these products! After trying the Shampoo and Conditioner I immediately bought the Hair Survival Kit! I want to give my hair EVERY opportunity to be as best as it can be. I've already seen improvement in just two weeks!!!

"WOW! What Happened to YOU?! You look FANTASTIC!"

...was what the receptionist exclaimed when I showed up for a haircut, three weeks into my hydrator regimen... (Of course it COULD have been the sweater I was wearing; but I don't think so...she was lookin' at my face.) I had thought I was looking a little better; but was wary of seeing myself through wishful lenses. The fact is, though, that my face seems to be just a tad smoother and tighter and, inspired by this experience of someone who hadn't seen me for weeks, I plan to continue with Reviv....

Best Serum on the Market

The ultimate Serum is amazing - my skin looks and feels great, the bottle is huge and lasts for moths and the price point is fantastic too.

Amazing Results

this products make hair thick and volumes, New hair growth and reduce hair fall and gives excellent results and solve the hair loss problems.

Consistency Meets Results

I purchase this for a sibling of mine and when I mean noticeably balding from the crown onwards, it was pretty drastic. I notice results within a week of use and now it's going on to be two and the balding are diminishing, as if there was no balding to begin with. Can't wait to see what a whole month of this product could do. THANKS A LOT REVIV SERUM

Ultimate Serum

Love this stuff! I used TNS for several years and the Ultimate Serum works just as well.

HA7X Multi-Molecular Hydrator Serum

Product is great. Makes my complexion more moist and smooth.

Ultimate Serum

I have been using for about a month. I think my skin feels great . It goes on smoothly and a little goes a long way.i think my skin looks brighter and smoother.

Placode Booster Serum

Excellent product to support hair care program.


I recently received the revive stimulant product. It makes my scalp feel rejuvenating. As for results, time will tell.


Free samples have been great. Serum has made my shedding stop completely to the point I’m in the shower carefree. Now I just have to see how well it does as there hairs pass the usual mark

Supple Richness, Soothing

This is a great product to my regime! It adds the supple richness that is soothing to my skin. It is non-greasy, and fast absorbing. I use this in place of theTNS serum and for the price, ounce for ounce Reviv Serum can't be beat! Yes, you are sure to be pleased.


I bought this for my wife. She hasn't noticed any difference yet.

Great product

I've only been using the serum for a couple of weeks, once daily, in the evening. My skin feels subtle and smooth. I will continue to use it and hope to see even more improvement.

RevivHair Stimulating Serum is Great!

This is a great product. I was surprised in how well it worked just after the first few days. My hair already looks and feels healthier and fuller. I've been using it for almost a month now and can see a difference. I'm going to keep using to see how much of an improvement it can bring! Thanks!

Telomerase Serum

The best serum I have ever used. it has corrected fine lines and reduced puffiness and dark circles under my eyes.

Timely Delivery & Excellent Products

I love your speedy delivery and I enjoying "looking younger" using your excellent products!

Even better than Drunk Elephant Marula oil

and certainly cheaper. no more combo skin, all good!!

Reviv shampoo

Love the products I just with there was some capixyl and redensyl in the shampoo and conditioner so I didn't have to use the capixyl separately .. Can you maybe add that? Otherwise I love the products..

Stephanie - Thanks for your great review, and great feedback. Capixyl and Redensyl are typically ingredients that are for leave-on (vs. wash-out) products, so that is primarily why they're not included in RevivHair Stimulating Shampoo & Conditioner. I do know that we're working on providing 'booster vials' for both hair and skin -- individual vials of different functionality so you can customize your Reviv products! Look for those soon.
Immediate hit for me

I just received this 3 days ago and decided to give it a shot, the results are amazing already. My hair looks and feels fuller and thicker. I couldn't be more impressed with how fast it works, and how thcik and healthy it made my hair feel. Cant wait for longer term results.

6-in-1 Multi-Corrective Telom Erase Serum

I think this serum is really working. I want to have more of it!

Slow But Steady

Loving how the product stimulates my scalp. Seeing a few hairs but they are grey. I have only used it for 2 weeks. I will give it some more time