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Slow and Steady

Started this product in May this past year. My dermatologist went to a seminar that spoke to the product of redensyl. Did some research on this product and found Reviv Serum products. Have LLP (scarring alopecia) do see some progress, but mantra is slow and steady. Will continue with your serum due to having some success.

Serum v/a tnd

Too early to tell . Have not used product for a full 30 days. Consistency is good an I hope to see same results

Revivhair serum

I just started to use this serum for more than a week and my hair is less shredding. I hope it will help my hair loss in a few months.

Rejuvenating Serum Masque

Early days yet but the serum feels good and my scalp feels healthier after using it,

Love Love Love!!

My eyelashes have never been long but now they are! I’m thrilled! After starting a cancer drug my eyebrows and lashes started turning gray and thinning out. After using Revivlash for about 3 to 4 weeks my lashes are so long people are noticing! My eyebrows have started to come back and they’re dark! I couldn’t be happier!

First time user.

First time user, so to soon to know if the product is going to have a beneficial effect. Will use it for 12 months and then give a final review as to its effectiveness.

Clear recommendation

I have been using this serum once a day overnight for about 1.5 months. Although significant effects should be noticeable after at least 3-6 months, I have observed the following since the first application. My hair falls out drastically less during hair washing (I wash it every 3 days and did not change the shampoo). In addition, I can see small new hairs on my secret hairline corners which are my "problem zones". This I have never seen before with other hair growth products. My scalp has also been almost free of dandruff since I started using the serum. Because of these first positive effects, I will definitely continue to use the serum. The delivery to Germany was fast and without any problems. Thanks for that!

I’m still hoping

Due to my RA drugs, my hair, which has always been very thick, began to rapidly thin. Hands full at a time.
I started using the serum, shampoo and conditioner 9/1 and I think it’s helping, still loosing hair tho. I’m trying to be very patient.

Great collection of items

My favourite of all these items was the shampoo and the rejuvenating scalp serum masque. I love how cleaned my scalp feel after using them both. The shampoo has serious thickening effect but also my scalp feels soothed all day. The conditioner is okay. I'm still using my Revivehair serum, hair fall has lessen dramatically with ongoing use. I have to say the customer service is exceptional!! Thank you guys for all the help.

The perfect lip solution!

I simply love the product. It's working so well that I have put off a filler appointment for now.

Step 1 doesn't feel as exfoliating as a scrub, but I guess that is the fruit acids working more subtly. But Step 2 and 3 are great! I have found that putting on Step 3, and THEN Step 2 works better (the reverse of the instructions). It seems to seal in the moisture.

Positive Results

Being the skeptical person I am, I ordered and tried a sample of Ultimate Serum before purchasing a full size product. Because of my 38 year profession, my hands really show my age, so I did an experiment, used the sample morning & night on my left hand. After 1 week, I could see a notable difference in my hands. The one that I had put the Ultimate Serum on looked years younger than the other one. Having seen this with my own eyes, I ordered the full size and am using it on my face!!!

Impressive swap

I used the TNS Essential Serum for several years, and while I was happy with its results, I grew increasingly unhappy with the price. The Reviv Ultimate Serum has given me the same results at a fraction of the cost ( and a decidedly better smell )!


Worked overnight. Save the box, it's a bit hard to find/store 3 vials in the bathroom drawer.

Just started

Already now it seems to be giving some results - but I've only been using the serum for a month,

Great results at a fraction of the price

Reviv's Ultimate Serum is a great product for keeping your skin looking youthful and refreshed all day long. I purchased the sample pack and achieved the same results as SkinMedica's TNS Essential Serum, but a full size bottle of Reviv US costs a fraction of TNS. I work long hours and get little sleep during the week, but when I apply Reviv US at night before bed, I wake up looking refreshed like I had a full night of restful sleep. If you want to put your best face forward and save money on quality skincare, then Reviv's skincare products are the best value to achieve youthful, long-lasting results. Friends and colleagues who use TNS were so impressed, they are now giving Reviv US a try. I also tried Reviv's Hair Serum, and that product made my hair feel thicker and softer and easier to style. The best hair conditioner I have ever used. So if you want to look your best and save some money on skincare AND haircare, give Reviv's serums a try. You and your wallet will be glad you did.

Worked overnight!

I enjoyed being a tester for this product (got it for free, fyi). I used it just before bed on the first day, and woke up the next morning with non-chapped moist lips for the first time in forever. I have been using it once or twice a day, and my lips get better each time I use it. I do not wipe off the Step 1 serum, just leave it seems to help keep any chapping from happening.

Revivhair placode booster serum

I am starting to notice hair growth since I have been using the serum along with the hair growth serum. I just wish there was a way to order a 3 month supply at a discount. I will continue to use/order for a few more months to see if I get my hair to grow back fully in the spot

placode booster

really like the placode booster, smells good, isnt greasy and works to halt hair loss.

Hair please

So far good hope it fills in spots where needed want my hair back


Excellent product

Too early to see results so far so good!

I bought the Reviv Hair Survival Kit quiet happy with the results so far , too early to see results however, one thing I have noticed less hair falling out.
I will upgrade this review in four months time.
Another word of mention customer service at Reviv Serums is second to none! Michael one the customer service agents has always responded promptly to all my emails and enquiries and I'm in Melbourne, Australia!
I have included some photos of my current hair condition Before!
Keep up the great work Reviv Serums!

Fantastic Product

This shampoo and conditioner set has been invaluable in my journey to healthier, fuller hair. I use these in conjunction with the hair serum and scalp mask and couldn't be more pleased with the results.
Thank you science based ingredients!

The scent is all natural from the the Goji berries - this took a week or two to get used to as a dude, but now I appreciate fresh and natural scent after the shower.

Great product

I am just about finished with my first bottle of this serum and have my next waiting to go. This has been a wonderful addition to my daily cleansing and I am very pleased with the feel of my skin and overall results. I had a facial recently (having stopped buying some of their products and replaced them with HA7X), The esthetician was very pleased with the condition of my face and told me to make sure I keep it up!

so far so good

i just started using the serum so i haven't seen any results yet. it does seem to give my hair some body which is nice. i am anxiously waiting for some growth to appear. so good!

Hair gone

Been using this shampoo for 4 weeks now seeing a slight difference in hair loss will continue to use to see if it stops falling out