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Great product, easy to use and has thickened existing hair.Much easier dispensing and a easily absorbed.


I've been using this lash serum for a little under 3 weeks, so my results are still subtle, but the results are there! I've always had thin lashes and eyebrows and I thought it was something I just had to live with. After less than 3 weeks of use, I now have to curl my eyelashes just to keep them out of my eye! lol. And this is just after subtle results, so I can't wait to keep using it! The wand applicator is very high quality which makes the product so easy to apply. After their face serum saved my face, it seems I've found yet another hit product from RevivSerums!

So far so good

Everything seems to be working as intended, I can see some fine hairs come in but it will probably take 2-3 bottles before I can really assess the effects. I'm a 30 year old Male with very thin hair on the top of my scalp and this is my last resort before embracing the bald life. It seems fairly promising based on the research I've conducted, there are clinical trials that can be found utilizing every single ingredient in this product.


No irritation with this product!! Will buy again!!


I’ve been using RevivLash for several months now and not only have I noticed a difference, but friends have as well. In fact, I was recently asked what mascara I was using or where I’d gone to get my “lashes done” because the length wa noticeable WITH MY GLASSES ON. I’ve had no reaction but compliments. This product is highly recommended.

It works!

I've been using RevivLash the last month and a half. My lash's have gotten longer. I've been using it rather inconsistently too, 4 days a week at the most. Hasn't caused any type of irritation. I will definitely purchase the product again.

Trying product according to directions.

So far I’ve noticed absolutely no improvement at all. It’s going on three weeks of using it two times daily.
As soon as I get out of the shower in the morning application on all areas to damp skin.
Then in the evening I try again. So far there are no notable results.
I feel as though I’ve wasted not only my money, but my time.
Thank You

Fresh Is Best

I have studied cosmetics and skin treatments for years. I know without a doubt vitamin c must be fresh to be effective. This doy kit is the way to go. My skin is amazing and I intend to keep it that way. This is a new permanent part of my regimen if it stays at this price!

Great alternative to retinol

No stinging, no redness, rapid results. Smoothens the skin and gets rid of red spots, bumps, and fine wrinkles.

We're hooked

Initially, I had bought the Ultimate Serum for myself and loved it from the first application. I then "made the mistake" of inviting my girlfriend to try it, too, and now we're both hooked. It's a great product!!!

Another Fine Product!

Adding this to the products I was already using (Revivinol, Ultimate Serum, and HA7X), I saw noticeable improvements.
As with the other products, TelomErase applies well and a little goes a long way. I use the TelomErase and lHA7X in the morning and the Revivinol and Ultimate Serum in the evening. Many years of unprotected sun exposure from fishing and other outdoor activities had left my skin dry with fine lines & wrinkles and heavy forehead & between the brow creases. These products have helped considerably in giving back new life to my skin. The TelomErase works hand-in-hand with the other products and has truly taken years off the look of my face.

Just like TNS

I have used both TNS by skin medica and reviv serum telomerase and found them to be excellent products. I will certainly stay with Reviv because of the cost savings.

Amazing Lashes

I am very happy to say that after four weeks there is substantial difference in my lashes. They are fuller, longer and more luscious. I can't wait to see how they fill in after 10 weeks!. I have very sensitive skin and almost every product I use I have a reaction to. This lash/brow serum has had no adverse affect on my skin, my eyes are not dry. As I have hazel coloured eyes I was very reluctant to use La • tisse due to the fact that La • tisse can change your eye colour. This product is outstanding. My co-worker asked what I was using and I told her and she ordered the serum as well. I will reorder again without hesitation.

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Great product

Have been using this product for a 2 months now and my hair fall has significantly dropped which is great, can’t wait to see some hair growth now

It makes a difference

I am seeing big improvements: belly, legs, and arms. It tingles going on, but I know it is working.

Ultimate Serum vs Skin Medica TNS

I have been using the TNS serum from Skin Medica for years, and I loved it... Then I found Revive Serum! In my opinion it is as good if not better. The main thing I absolutely love about the Revive Serum is it does NOT make my face oily at all where the TNS serum did. I really recommend this serum over skin Medica. As a great bonus it is half the cost!!!

Best shampoo and conditioner ever

I have a challenging type to shampoo and condition...long ,highlighted, super fine dense hair with thinning areas. My husband has course, wavy, thinning hair. We have never been able to use the same shampoo...a pet peeve of his is too many bottles in the shower. I end up selecting a shampoo for fine, color treated hair so my scalp,won’t be too greasy leaving me with flat, greasy hair. I then apply a huge amount of conditioner to the dry ends so I can detangle.....this shampoo and conditioner is my Holy Grail. The shampoo leaves me hair soft and shiny with unbelievable volume.,,,I then use a small amount of conditioner for me extra long mane of hair...the conditioner isn’t greasy and I can actually apply it to the scalp without risking getting too greasy, yet I don’t need huge amounts to detangle...the only negative is the price. That said, I will pay it to keep my hair looking great.


My hair used to be - not too long ago - straight, dense, & shiny. It changed about 4 yrs. ago, and my hair since has been very dry, thinner-texture, breaks easily, un-shiny, and grows at a much slower rate. I just turned 37. The change was due to: getting older, hormones changing, not drinking enough water over the years, not combining enough veggies & fruits with my junk-food diet (over the years)..etc. I'm a beauty-product connoisseur, and have tried many high-end shampoos and conditioners (while very slowly changing my lifestyle), and, none have really improved my hair condition. Until - I tried, the Reviv scalp-stimulating shampoo. Amazingly, there's actually a real improvement in the condition of my hair. To me, there's a noticeable difference. It's still not quite healthy, yet - but my hair was in bad shape - and it's - for the first time in the last 4-5 yrs. - slowly getting healthier. It feels less dry - it's softer, my hair is noticeably longer, it's less frizzy, I feel & see an increase in density, & it's even a little bit shiny. Shiny!!! My hair hasn't "shine" in a long time. Oh, and my scalp!!!! My scalp is wonderfully (& fiiinally!!) less dry, all-around!!!! Super cool!!!!! As it was, super dry!!! I'm going to purchase the conditioner!! I'm excited & can't wait to try-out the conditioner!

So Far So Good

Less than 1 month in and seems like less shedding. Not expecting any growth for 3-6 months. So far, so good.

Great Product!

After trying and loving the Ultimate Serum and the HA7X I purchased the Revivinol. I switched from a Retinol moisturizer to this Serum. The Revivinol feels great going on and a little goes a long way. I don’t get the stinging from the Revivinol that I got from the Retinol product I was previously using and more importantly, the Revivinol goes on much “cleaner”. It’s not thick and doesn’t leave my skin oily like the previous product. Skin is soft and feels moisturized, without irritation and redness. Results thus far have been great!
Definitely a product I’ll be sticking with.


I decided to use the sample that came in the package of a product I ordered. I was a bit skeptical since I have sensitive skin. I cannot use products containing retinol To my surprise I had no negative reaction! My skin felt and looked great the next morning. I used up the sample in a couple of days and I was so impressed that I order the full bottle. A month has passed and the results are great. I use a moisturizer over it after it drys. I definitely recommend anyone to try it. I am sure you will love it!!!

Great Product that does what it’s supposed to do

My first purchase from Reviv was the Ultimate Serum and the HA7X. I’ve been very impressed with both products. The HA7X simply does what it’s supposed to do. Applies so easily and feels Silky smooth on the skin. Absorbs quickly and doesn’t leave behind any sticky residue. Skin is hydrated and “plump”. I dampen my finger to apply, which helps pull in additional moisture. If I want more hydration I follow the HA7X with a quality lightweight water based moisturizer. A little of this goes a long way, making it a very good value for a quality product.
This will remain a part of my everyday skin care regime!

Didn't work

It didn't work out for me. I'm disappointed 😞. I had high hopes for this serum.

Morice - Thank you for your comments and review. Tracking shows that you received your serum just over three weeks ago. We encourage you to continue with your serum, as consistency and patience are key in any hair loss regimen.
So Far So Good!

Let me start off by saying, I am a 56 year old male. As a whole, my skin care routine has been sporadic at best. Using various products haphazardly, then going long periods of time without using anything. Compounding that, I have been very much an outdoor person. Camping, hiking, golfing and an avid tournament fisherman for over 20 years. As a tournament fisherman, I spent about 85 days a year on the water. Of course, never using sunscreen. Considering this, I’ve been lucky my skin isn’t much worse than it actually is. However, with age came the wrinkles! Crows feet, deep forehead wrinkles, deep wrinkles between my brows, and fine lines on my temples and upper cheeks. Before starting with the Ultimate Serum I had started using a retinol moisturizer and a vitamin C, E and Ferulic acid serum. While these helped some, they were thick and oily. While researching serums & moisturizers I stumbled across Reviv and decided to give their products a try. My first order included the Ultimate Serum and HA7X. I’ve been using these two products for six weeks now and must say, I’m VERY impressed!
The Ultimate Serum feels amazing on my face! Smooth and doesn’t feel thick and oily like other products. Absorbs into the skin nicely and without a trace. Skin is much softer, even toned and radiant.
I have watched my fine lines disappearing with each passing week. There has been a significant improvement on my crows feet. The deep lines on my forehead and between my brows are slowly but surely improving. (The deeper lines on my forehead and between my brow are likely beyond what serums and moisturizers can completely fix. But There has been marked improvement after my first six weeks!) So far I’m beyond pleased with the progress thus far and look forward to additional progress in the upcoming months.
I’ve also just ordered and began using the Revivenol Serum, and am excited to see what additional benefits it brings to the table.
Needless to say, I’ll continue using Reviv ...

Helps reduce shedding

A very similar product is manufactured in the UK by chemist / hairdresser, Daniel Field. He has explained that the product should help stem hair shedding for male pattern hair loss. He recommends trying it for 1 year, but advises that it must then be used for the rest if your life. In about 1% of cases, hair should even grow back. Been using for 6 months and there is definitely far less shedding.

It is more effective for women, but this is the best there is for men.

Thanks for the review and comparison. FYI, the Daniel Field Hair Growth Active product contains a few of the botanicals, as well as copper peptide, found in RevivHair Max, but does not contain growth factors, hair-specific peptides, nor Redensyl. Regarding "lifetime use", note that RevivHair Max is not like minoxidil products where cessation would cause abrupt shedding or side effects. You would just notice a gradual return to the way your hair/scalp was before beginning usage. Think of it like brushing your teeth, or taking vitamins, as something you do daily for continued maintenance. You do things every day which prevent decline in your health and appearance.