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Wonderful sérum

Starting to love it

I have already decided to order my next bottle.
The serum is extremely light weight, and absorbs really well, and the skin feels good . I love the warm tingling sensation this serum gives when applied.
You'll need to be patient to see results.

Using since 25 days

I have been using it since 25 days and no visible difference is seen. Hope to see difference after 90, i will continue using it for 2 months more

I love this stuff!

I used to order the more expensive serum until I found this. I love it more than the other high priced product. I’ve been using this for over a year now and can’t go without it. It keep my face hydrated. I wish they would start a subscription service because I order one every month!

not working

Instead of increasing the volume of hair, it has reduced.
In short, it has not worked for me.

Great product for less money!

I was a former latisse user. That got just too expensive! I tried RevivLash and got the same great results! Thanks!

6th month review

I have used this product for 6 months now. The first two bottles were just the usual serum and I upgraded the 3rd and 4th bottles with DHT THWART ADVANCED ACTIVES.

I suffered from female pattern hair loss and after my 4th bottle of reviv serum, I haven’t noticed much growth. However, I noticed my hair loss issue have slowed. I used to have 70-100 strand of hair loss per day and now is down to 30-40 strands a day.

My goal is to give this product a go for a year to see if it is really effective for me.

Love these!

Great way to try the products. I happen to love all of them! Actually I like the dispenser better on the vitamin C serum then on the regular size.

does what it says!

Quite happy I made this leap of faith as I don't feel let down! I feel like my hair hasn't been fuller and more healthy. Certainly stopped the hair fall considerably and feel like my whole scalp feels more healthy. Certainly buying my next once I'm through with this one!

Definitely works!

I have been using this since about 4 weeks and it definitely has made my hair thicker. Excited about the long term results!

Great product, ok package

I have used both this serum and the TNS. The ultimate serum is fantastic at a fraction of the price. Both products have packaging that is less than perfect, but this one requires that I pull off the lid to prime much more often wasting product. I have had this happen with the TNS product but not to this extent. I will absolutely buy again but do want to note the packaging can be frustrating and is to be expected.

Thank you for the great review, Lauren! You're right that such dual-airless pumps can be quirky because of the difference in the viscosities of the two different cylinder contents, and on occasion one side will come out before the other side.

But no need to pull off the lid to prime if you don't want to. Here's a simpler technique:

Flip the container over, and you'll notice two small pinholes, one for each chamber. Insert an open paper clip into the hole underneath the misbehaving chamber to push up the plate. Use gentle pressure. Applying too much pressure could cause product to squeeze out from around the plate.

Note that while ideally you would apply a mix of both chambers to your skin, it is certainly OK to apply the contents of only one side until both chambers 'catch up' and are working correctly.

So far, so good!

I’ve been using the serum faithfully for about three months and am starting to notice a difference! I definitely don’t see as much of my scalp as I was before I started using RevivHair Max. Very pleased so far and will definitely continue to use!!

Miracle Hair Serum

I am writing my review a few months after receiving the hair serum as I wanted to make sure it would work.
My hair has been receding gradually as I am 67 year old male and suprisingly, initially after using this my hair has gradually decreased the rate of receding and now it has completely stopped receding. Secondly, I can tell that my single hair strands have thickened and as such it looks like double the volume of hair compared to two months ago. Finally, after three weeks of using the serum I saw black dots appearing on my scalp which may be attributed to new hair follicles beginning to appear in some bald patches. I will update this review later regarding this.
I have used nearly 15 hair medications over my life span and and this is the one and only medication that has worked for me. Until I found it, I assumed that there was no medication in the world that can stimulate hair growth. This is a miracle.

Thank you for the great review. Note of course that RevivHair Max is not in the category of true 'medication' according to the U.S. FDA, but is instead more natural and naturally-derived and in the category of 'cosmetics.' It's an important distinction since, given its category, we cannot make health / physiology / medical claims.

Better than buying individual bottles

Good offer.


I recall being asked for a review of this product shortly after my first purchase. I did wonder how I could give a review when I had only started using the product.

But now, after some 6 months, I can verify that, in my case, it has lived up to its name in terms of reversing grey hair. Now, it has not reversed every grey hair on my head, not that it claimed it would - and to be fair I use it economically, as it is not cheap.

I will declare that, having written this review, I am promised 15% off my next purchase, which I would not be making if I did not think that it worked.

I am so impressed!!

My skin actually looks smooth like I’m 20 again!! And trust me, I have the frown line 😆😆

2% Palymitol tetrapetide 20

Its gonna be real hard to find that in anything at 2% at this price. Hopefully it works for you. I dont know if I will live long enough to see it make a dramatic difference but slowly it is.

So far it is good

I have been using the serum from 45 days and noticed my hair fall stopped almost 50 percent, so far don't see hair regrowth but confident about this product and it may deliver results in couple more weeks. It has no artificial fragrance which is good.

First Try

I have been using reviv hair max serum now for 5 weeks (one full bottle) In addition I use Priorin capsules since 8 weeks. Hair loss stopped already after taking Priorin for 3 weeks, so I can not tell the effect of reviv alone.
The serum is very nice to apply and my skin is tolerating it very well. It is not greasy and gives a nice strong structure to the hair.
New hair growth is not yet detectable, but I will continue for at least 2 month and hope it will grow again .

Amazing retinol alternative and moisturiser

Causes no irritation or skin sensitivity whatsoever for a very fair price given the quality of ingredients. I often use only this product on its own without a standalone moisturiser when I'm in a hurry and have found that this does an excellent job on its own leaving my skin very soft, smooth and hydrated without feeling oily later on!

Best hair loss product I've ever used

The company behind this product have really left no stone unturned into formulating this product, with an abundance of legitimate, scientific-research backed ingredients, really amazing to see just how much research and formulation went into creating this unrivalled product. I have noticed significant reduction in thinning and increased hair growth from the months I have been using this product


Used for just over a month while transitioning from Minoxidyl. Haven't seen any major improvement, but also no significant extra hair loss. Definitely less 'harsh' on the scalp than Minoxidyl. Hopeful that I'll see some positive results over the coming months. Bottle seems to last 4-5 weeks for me (once-daily usage), but I've been using it pretty liberally and could probably use a little less and still get the same coverage...

Great price, great results

I am a complete convert to Ultimate Serum. I used Skin Medica TNS before but find this serum to do the same job at a fraction of the price. I have used it for over half a year now and will continue!

Hair regrowth rivivHair Max

I have been using revive hair max for a few months. After a couple weeks I noticed less hair in my brush. Then after a few more weeks I noticed almost no hair in my brush. I have not noticed any significant regrowth yet but some. Still hopeful and happy to not be losing hair! I look forward to trying their booster ingredients that can be added to original RevivHair Max~ Biggest complaint is the cost.

I have been using the serum about 6 weeks. This week I noticed that my face is peeling. Please let me know what you recommend.

There are no ingredients in Ultimate Serum that would cause exfoliation or peeling. We'd recommend looking at your skincare routine for any AHAs (like glycolic acid) or BHAs (like salicylic acid) that might be contributing. Even a cleanser or toner might contain such direct acids. You might take a break from any topicals for a few days, and use something very simple like Aquaphor™ in the interim. Hope this helps!

P.S. - In a followup email, you mentioned that you are also applying SkinMedica's Retinol Complex 0.5. Such retinols DEFINITELY can cause peeling; it's part and parcel of how they work.

If you're interested in the benefits of retinol, but none of the downsides of peeling, redness, and irritation -- we have a great solution: Revivinol 'Unretinol' Serum: