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I have been using the Hair RevivHair Max serum with Redensyl 5% for 2 months now with HIMS 6% Minoxidil topical. I also take Finasteride orally. I read about Redensyl as having positive natural similar results to Minoxidil. I use this regimen to try and save my hair taking all of these as a regimen together. Doing these steps does help as my family unfortunately has bad hair genetics. The fact I have more hair than older and younger brother's shows doing a regimen like this does help.

So far… pretty darn happy

I was hesitant at first on how it blended with my other skincare. I found that if you use serums, let them completely dry down before you go in the with this vitamin c. This product has a kind of oily base. Just make sure you apply after serums are completely dry and it is fantastic! This vitamin C underneath a tinted sunscreen gives such a beautiful, dewy glow!

Thank you for your review. Note that Reviv-C replicates the lubricity and slip of an oil, but does not contain any oils. Rather it is a novel sugar-based solvent carrier. Any slippery feeling will disappear within about 30 seconds, leaving a dry smooth finish.

Amazing quick results

I have started using this serum a month ago. I have been so impressed with the brightness in my skin. I don’t have that many lines but I have noticed that my skin is a lot smoother since I started using this amazing product. The ingredients are so innovative and game changing Love it and highly recommend. Marianela

Nice to use

Only just started usung no noticible difference yet but will buy again. Drys quickly, nice to use.

Nice serum

I haven’t been using it long enough to see a difference, but it feels good on your face and doesn’t feel tacky, goes on well under sunscreen or makeup.

What a surprise

I have THE most sensitive skin which gives me trouble frequently.
Recently, I accidentally got a scar from using a facial device under my right eye which I shouldn’t have done. However, the red spot was slowly turning into brown.
And then I “met” this beautiful product. First it does not sensitize my skin at all, and to my surprise, the brown spot under my eye started to fade away very very soon.
What a healing and regenerating power this product has. If you consider whether you should buy it or not, just get it.

This is 2nd month. No noticeable new grays. Will continue to evaluate results.

Fantastic Product

I am really pleased with the results I am getting using the Ultimate Serum. My skin is soft and smoother than it was before I started using the product. Fine lines have all but disappeared. The Ultimate Serum is now part of my regular skin care regiment.

Refreshing feeling

started using the serum every other day – –what I LIKE: do far: the serum goes on and gives a cooling effect and is not oily, which I like. My whites come out mostly at the back--right and left sides---which is where I have applied this serum. My hair grows extremely fast and I started using it after a root retouch, so still waiting on the verdict.

Just ‘WOW’

I had been using the ultimate serum for growth factors for a little while, and have been in love with it. The 6 in 1 serum was out of stock for a very long time, and I had been waiting to get my hands on it but to be honest, I wasn’t really sure what to expect, and what the results would be. But I am astonished at how good they are. The serum itself is so lightweight considering all the ingredients that are jampacked into it you would’ve thought this would be heavier, but it is light as a feather and sinks into the skin in lightning speed. It seems to play well with just about every other serum or essence, or any other skin care I use so I can layer it with retinol and other serums in the evening (which is when I use it) I don’t want to be without this serum it is just that good! My skin is glowing, I see improvement in fine lines and wrinkles and I have had comments about how good I look! What more is there to say?

Works Pretty Well

I've been using the Reviv lash serum for almost 60 days now and I've noticed a little growth in both my lashes and brows. I've also used Latisse in the past and had great results with that product, however, some of the documented side effects were a bit off putting. I'm not sure if I personally experienced any side effects with Latisse; it's a little hard to tell seeing that my eyes are aging at the same time-- did Latisse contribute to my under-eye hollows, or were the hollows going in that direction anyway? Who knows, but I didn't want to take any chances; covering up those hollows is a big enough pain in the butt as it is! All in all I think Reviv is a good product and I will likely continue to use it. But if you've used Latisse with good and fast results, and are switching over to Reviv, just temper your expectations a bit. I do think the serum will work to a similar degree but it will likely take longer.

Great so far

This is my first bottle of the 6:1. I have tried many other "spendy" face creams over the last couple years, and I am pleasantly surprised by the results so far. My skin feels great, and I have noticed a slight reduction in the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. I couldn't ask for anything more!

See some changes

I've been using this serum for close to a month. The biggest difference i see so far is my under eyes are not as lined anymore. Especially my crows feet seem to have totally disappeared. I don't see much changes in the rest of my face yet. But i've only been using it a short time. I also see my skin in general as better.... less pores. Excited to keep using it and see what happens in a few months. Will review again after that time has passed. I use this twice a day every day. morning under makeup and night before any other products. Stay tuned....

Light Weigh Serum

This serum is has a light texture. Absorbs instantly. Using every morning after toner. Skin looks good!

Serum for eyebrows and face serum

Unfortunately I am not seeing results from either serum. Especially disappointed in eyebrow serum.

Love this serum!

I have been using this serum for the last few months, and absolutely love how it makes my skin look more glowy. I t just feels more hydrated, juicy and more plump. I will continue to repurchase it!

Amazing value for the quality

I learned about this serum from one of my favorite aestheticians on YouTube - Penn Smith. Besides the exciting research on exosomes, she said this was a good substitute for TNS, a product I've been hearing about for years but could never afford. This serum...I can afford, and I absolutely love it. I've been using it for almost a month (morning and night) and plan never to be without it!

Great value - my #1 serum!

Il love this new serum for quality ingredients + exosomes. Excellent value for the price! My #1 serum for my AM and PM skin routine. My skin is glowing!

low cost

I am extremely disappointed with Revihair's delivery service. I recently placed an order, and despite the delivery status showing as "delivered," I still haven't received my package. Additionally, I noticed they have no proof of my signature for package receipt.

The delivery service is incredibly slow, even for the free option, and even when paying $48 for faster delivery, the signature option upon delivery is not included. In case of package loss, the customer service is extremely rigid and unhelpful.

Furthermore, the product I ordered arrived in a low-quality bottle, which is unacceptable given the price paid. Overall, my experience with Revihair has been of low quality, and I strongly advise against doing business with them. They are not serious and do not take care of their customers.

Because you disputed the charge with Paypal (and they withdrew the funds from our account), rather than contacting us first about your delivery issue, we cannot send a complimentary replacement. You have to either withdraw the Paypal dispute, or let the dispute process take its course and get reimbursed by Paypal and use those funds to place a new order. As noted, in the future, please contact us directly for any delivery issues rather than disputing with Paypal first.

Good serium

I think my skin is brighter and it's like college is filling out my face because of fewer wrinkles.

Lash Serum

Disappointed! I have not seen any results thus far :(


I wasn’t certain if these products could we going to compare the skincare I currently use. I was so excited after comparing the ingredients and price, I had to try. This is forever my new skincare company. Thank you so much.

Love this new serum!

This is the best serum I have tried ever! I have tried many expensive and recommended skin care products and this one tops them all! I can see a visible difference in pores, texture and tightening of my skin. I am 64 years old and most people think I’m in my 40’s, it’s because I use the best skincare available. This ultimate serum with the addition of exosomes is a game changer and worth every penny! I intend to keep using this serum and other reviv serum products to keep up with the latest skin care science and because their products work!

Excited to Try It

I began using the Ultimate Serum a couple of weeks ago and I can see minor improvements already. I am confident that my progress will continue.

Great serum

I have really enjoyed using this serum and one of the things that I love the most is that it plays well with whatever sunscreen or moisturizer I put over it.