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Hair please

So far good hope it fills in spots where needed want my hair back


Excellent product

Too early to see results so far so good!

I bought the Reviv Hair Survival Kit quiet happy with the results so far , too early to see results however, one thing I have noticed less hair falling out.
I will upgrade this review in four months time.
Another word of mention customer service at Reviv Serums is second to none! Michael one the customer service agents has always responded promptly to all my emails and enquiries and I'm in Melbourne, Australia!
I have included some photos of my current hair condition Before!
Keep up the great work Reviv Serums!

Fantastic Product

This shampoo and conditioner set has been invaluable in my journey to healthier, fuller hair. I use these in conjunction with the hair serum and scalp mask and couldn't be more pleased with the results.
Thank you science based ingredients!

The scent is all natural from the the Goji berries - this took a week or two to get used to as a dude, but now I appreciate fresh and natural scent after the shower.

Great product

I am just about finished with my first bottle of this serum and have my next waiting to go. This has been a wonderful addition to my daily cleansing and I am very pleased with the feel of my skin and overall results. I had a facial recently (having stopped buying some of their products and replaced them with HA7X), The esthetician was very pleased with the condition of my face and told me to make sure I keep it up!

so far so good

i just started using the serum so i haven't seen any results yet. it does seem to give my hair some body which is nice. i am anxiously waiting for some growth to appear. so good!

Hair gone

Been using this shampoo for 4 weeks now seeing a slight difference in hair loss will continue to use to see if it stops falling out

At the one and half month mark

Just starting To see results which is very encouraging at this stage only a month and half in

Not helping much

I haven’t notice much difference,I’m on my 2nd bottle won’t be getting another one

Great kit

I find every part of this system to be quite beneficial, and I think the Revivscalp may be the best part.

Reviv Hair Max Stimulating Serum

My daughter began using this product and started out by doin a test area. It's been three weeks and much to her surprise, her head is looking like a lil chia pet. Alot of new hair has come in on that test area. She is thrilled and is goin to continue the treatment on the rest of her head.

Thanks Reviv!


I am loving this product. I've been using revivlash for about 3 weeks ( I have not been consistant). I already see my eyebrows filling in significantly. My eyelashes are coming along too. I am happy with this product to far and will continue to buy and use.

Effective and worth it!

I've been using the ReviveHair Serum for about 4 weeks now. Since hair grows only a quarter to a half inch a month, a significant difference is hard to see at this early stage, but what I've noticed is SIGNIFICANTLY less hair shedding when I wash and brush my hair. (People can lose 100+ hairs a day) So, the result is that my hair feels a bit thicker even after only a month of use since the hairs on my head are hanging out a bit longer. This is good!
The serum is also moisturizing, and not drying, so it feels silky on my hair roots without being greasy.. Definitely worth trying!

Mona Taylor

I am not too happy about this product, I understand hair growth many factors play into it plus it is a somewhat slow progress in itself. Seriously thinking bout returning.

Mona - thank you for your review and comments. We sure understand how progress can sometimes appear to be slow, and frustrating. Like tooth brushing or vitamins, adding a daily regimen for hair loss is the best long-term approach. Patience and consistency are key. Many customers comment about how RevivHair Max Serum helps with the appearance of shedding hair in just a few short weeks. For some, visible results may take longer. We'd would encourage you to continue with your regimen, and we'd love to hear about your progress in another month or so. In the meantime, know that RevivHair Max Hair Stimulating Serum is at least helping -- if not visibly in the short-term so much, at least long-term. Keep us abreast!
Great product, works well with Revivhair Max

This has been a blessing for my scalp, and it really does thicken up my hair. Scent is nice. Keep up the great proeducts!

serums ah.

I saw a little improvement. However, I just have not used the Ultimate Serum long enough. I expect greater improvements over time. Thank you. Dave

It Works!

This product is amazing and will be part of my hair care regimen for as long possible.

Great product

I recently had some laser treatments on my face for sun damage, and they gave me a sample of HA5. When I finished the sample, they told me it would be $174.00. I could not pay that, so I started looking on the internet for something comparable. I found the HA7X, which was about half the price, was on sale, and they said it had even better ingredients than the HA5. I ordered the HA7X and I really like it a lot. It makes my face feel so soft, and has incredible moisturizers in it.

Hair loss

I have been using the the revivhair stimulating serum for almost 3 weeks now. My hair is still falling out a lot but I do see new little hairs coming in. Will continue to use to see if it stops falling out.

Waiting for results

Only just started using the serum. been 2 hopefully it works.

RevivHair Stimulating Serum

So far I have been seeing new hair follicle growth where there once was no hair at all. I have been using this product for less than a month, in addition to seeing a dermatologist, getting steroid injections, Clobetasol Propionate Topical Solution, as well as various hair growth oils.


My hair started thinning about 5 years ago. I had Dred Locs that were down to my hips, I cut them off hopping that my hair would thicken but never did. I read a review of RevivHair Hair Stimulating Serum and decided to try it. The best decision I ever made. My hair is grey which makes it appear even thinner. But now after almost a month you can see and feel the improvement it has made in my hair. Thank you so very much for giving me back my hair!!

Love love love

I have been using this product for about 3 weeks now and I already see results. I only apply it to my edges and they are already growing back. I will definitely be ordering more.


Only just started using the hopefully it works.

Slowed hair loss

I've been using the hair serum for several years now. I was experience severe balding in the front of my hair line from hormonal issues. Within 6-9 months of use I had new hair growth and about a year and a half later the balding areas were much less noticeable. I have only been using this new maximum strength formula for a month, but I am seeing the new hairs continue to grow. I highly recommend this product, it is worth trying.