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Great Product, Great Price, Great Value

I found this product while trying to find a better price online for my dermatologist recommended SkinMedica TNS Essential Serum. I love it! The product feels great and my skin looks even better. Not to mention that you get double the volume of product at 1/3 of the price! The packaging isn’t as fancy, but I think most of us would prefer to trade off packaging for product. (I mean, Really?!!) I now use most of the Revivserums line and I’ve never had so many compliments on my skin. I recommend the line to all of my friends! Do yourself a favor and dive in! Your skin will thank you.

Tighening and tingling!

This product has made a major visible difference in "the rear area" and thighs! Very impressive, and it is a good value for the size. Will repurchase.

Works Great

I recently bought the Hair Stimulating Serum. And it works great. I only used it a couple of weeks and noticed some hair thickening. I noticed it works better than minoxidil. It's a little pricey for a small 2 oz. bottle, but I think it's well worth the price.


I am loving the product, it has help me a lot with my skin.

Visible results within 3 weeks of use!

I have been using this serum just one time a day for a little over 3 weeks now and I'm already seeing an improvement in my skin. Not only are dark spots lighter but the texture of my skin is visibly smoother. I'm in love with the formula, health benefits, and the way it feels on my skin. This serum is super lightweight and hasn't irritated my mildly sensitive skin. I don't even need a moisturizer; I just use this and go about my day!

Great Product but needs to remove the Copolymers from the Formula

Great product but misses in absorption. Works like an expensive gel due to the inclusion of Copolymers (Which is essentially liquid plastic found in most cheap gels) Copolymers also interfere with ingredient absorption. Copolymers can also be toxic and are 100 Percent synthetic. I would say if RevivSerums removed Coploymers and added Phospholipids to enhance absorption of their awesome ingredients... then this would be the best product for hair growth hands down. :)

Thank you for your review, Steven. There is a wide range of differences in the INCI term 'copolymer' and just because the INCI includes the word does not indicate a lot. The version in RevivHair Max, C10-30 Alkyl, is not like a traditional hair gel polymer (say, PVP). And of course the FDA would not allow us to use any cosmetic ingredient, nor in any quantity, that would be considered 'toxic.'

Regarding absorption, the product works in the readily-accessible hair follicle channel/shaft, and does not have to be, nor should be, systemically absorbed.

Phospholipids can indeed help with absorption when needed, but their thickness would invariably mean the product would have to be only dispensed with a lotion/treatment pump, and could not be applied with a fine mist sprayer or medicine dropper.

Here's an excerpt from an industry article just this week regarding INCI confusion:

As Elizabeth A. Grove, global director of sustaina­bility and compliance at Lubrizol Life Science explained, 'There is a growing trend with consumer magazines, NGOs and shopping apps to use INCI names as a way to identify personal care ingredients that pose environmental harm.' However, as explained, INCI names are generalized, so ingredients that pose no environmental harm are equated with those that do.

Grove gave an example with micropla­stics. While there is a strong drive to omit microplastics from personal care to protect the environment, ingredients that have the same INCI name of acrylate polymer often are used as thickeners in gel or liquid forms, too; and these do not negatively impact the environment

'Not all ingredients with the name acrylate polymer would be a solid microplastic. But putting the generic INCI name 'Acrylate Copolymer' on a list to identify microplastics means that all forms of these ingredients will be wrongly identified as micropla­stics,' explained Grove.

In fact, according to Grove, based on this INCI name, several commercial shopping apps have wrongfully flagged products as containing micropla­stics, which has not only hurt the sales of all acrylate polymers, but also misled consumers.

“Manufac­turers of acrylate polymers, including Lubrizol, have been negatively affected,' said Grove, who added, 'The INCI Committee has acknowledged this confusion.'

Great Sample Pack

Love the sample pack, really liking the face serum. Shipping was fast also!

Clo review

I don't see any results as of yet.

My hair is changing!

Very innovative, and EFFECTIVE, product. My hair is clearly thicker, and becoming darker looking, every day. Thanks for letting me be an early adopter.

Thank you for another 'cutting edge' product, Reviv

I was very eager to obtain a product with either Darkenyl or Greyverse, or ideally both, after hearing about them. Thank you fr letting me be a 'sneak peek' user.

I am glad it is not just a grey hair product. I do not think I would apply that daily, just for that purpose, but combining it with the Revivhair serum makes it worth the daily work.

I am sorry that I did not take any 'before' shots as suggested, but I do see a noticeable difference at my temples both in darker color and in density, after about 2/3 bottle. Will purchase more.

Amazing results!

I've been using the serum for about 3 months now. I still have tons of product left and the results have been fantastic! My lashes are the longest they've ever been and that's not saying a whole lot because I had really short eyelashes before reviv. This was the best purchase and is the best value. I'd recommend to anybody.

Powerful Serum with Amazing Results!!

I couldn't be more pleased with my results using this product! I have been using it for just over 3 weeks and in the last week I got a massive sunburn due to using expired sunblock. This serum significantly aided in my skin's healing process. I've noticed a slight improvement in my fine lines and wrinkles and a huge difference in the dark circles around my eyes, skin brightness and overall texture. The only thing I didn't much enjoy was the starchy fragrance, but no worries there because it doesn't linger, and I've been told the smell is due to the ingredients. Still smells better than TNS though! I've also used their RevivLash as well and loved my results with it also! LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this brand!!!!


This is a great deal for three great products. I added it up, and my prior Skinmedica purchase of TNS Essential Serum plus HA5 plus Retinol Complex was $552!!! This is a deal, and these products work better for me anyway!


Great serum. My skin feels and looks wonderful. No irritation or side effects. I have tried retinol and suffered severe headaches as a side effect. This serum has all the benefits of retinol with no side effects. I am so happy to have discovered this product. Will buy again!

Great results with no irritation or peeling!

I have not been able to tolerate other effective retinol products since my skin is sensitive and I would find my skin peeling and drying so much that I would give up. I have found the Revivnol product to go on very smoothly leaving a velvety finish. I have also noticed an improvement in the fine lines around my lower face near my mouth and by my jaw line. I have purchased this product twice and plan on ordering more when I finish my second bottle since I know from all I've read that it is very important to incorporate a retinol product in one's regimen.

Noticeable right away

I’ve been using Fo-Te for a couple weeks. That returns hair to the original darker color (when it is turning white/gray) and hair grows faster. However, it doesn’t cause hair to grow where it has already thinned or receded. Adding this 5% Redensyl topically resulted in noticeable new hair growth within a week. In 2 weeks it no longer has the look of thinning hair. The hairs are short still, but creates a fuller look. I attribute the new hairs to this 5% Recensyl and the speed of their growth to the Fo-Te.

Mark - Thanks for the great review. That's fast results. Fo-Ti (Polygonum multiflorum) is a similar compound to Resveratrol, a strong antioxidant, and it has indeed been shown to affect the appearance of greying hairs. Look for a stellar new Reviv Serums solution for grey hair reversal within the next month!

I'm still on my first bottle, so I really can't tell if it's working yet. I am SUPER hopeful that it will. However, I have to be honest, part of me really wants it to work just because they have such great customer service. They responded so quickly to an email when there was an error with my shipping (my fault not theirs), and every review that someone has left and had concerns, this brand responds in such a positive manner, and even explains reasons it may not be working yet. I would love to support this type of brand for the long-haul, so here's to hoping for great results. I think the only con I can think of is that the product is somewhat thick. It's not a big deal as far as how it effects my hair, it doesn't leave it looking greasy or anything, but sometimes I have a hard time getting it all the way to the root since it grips on to the hair, feels like I'm wasting some of the product. Overall, the dropper works just fine, I think its more that the product clings to the outside of the dropper and that's how it gets all over my hair strands. Either way, not a deal breaker, just something I have to put on a bit more carefully. Anyway, I'll update in a few months when I am able to notice if there is a change or if I'm at the same place I've been.

Odorless and smoth

Odorless, very smooth after application, portable in a bottle which you can always carry even you are traveling. I've always been a fan of odorless serums since it kind of concerns me other people inhaling unwanted smells specially if its coming from me, just out of respect.

Still early

Have only been using for 1-2 months so far, so it may be too soon to say for sure. I have not seen any new hair growth so far and no more hair has fallen out.

hair loss

it's a bit too early to see any improvement with using your max hair stimulating serum so i'll update again in the near future


Have been using the product for a couple of months. The amount of shedding and hair loss has diminished, and seeing some new hair growth although the hair is very fine...

Off to a good start

Really happy with the product so far.

Can see some new hair reappearing and it looks denser.

Let’s see if the results keep looking positive.

Already results in just few short weeks!

This product is already showing results my lashes have darkened and are thicker. Big bonus is eyelids haven’t shown discoloration which is a problem with La - isse. Of course the price difference between Reviv lash and La - isse is makes it all the better

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So far so good

Several weeks using Reviv Serum May be too soon to see results. Formerly used SkinmedicaTNS and honestly decided for the cost in several years I could pay for a face lift!! Reviv Serum goes on very smoothly and I can feel immediate absorption. Skin feels smoother right away. Interestingly just had an appointment with cosmetician and she asked what I was using and very much sanctioned the ingredients used I. Reviv although she sells Skin Medica.
I am so far very pleased with this product!

Best Product Ever

I have try this Shampoo and conditioner. after use for a week I can feel that my hair so silky its' s incredible touch I recommended to all my friend.