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Not sure yet

Hey I don’t wants to destroy any hopes here with my three stars! I don’t see any results with the greys yet. But so far I have only used half a bottle! I will update later on. About the the hair loss treatment I am not sure yet either, there might be some baby hairs at the temples. I will keep on going with this stuff

Effective product

I ordered the product after looking at the research on Redensyl, wanting to avoid hormonal treatment such as finasteride or the alternative, Minoxidil. I have used the product now for around four months continuously. My hair shedding has reduced very significantly and the thinning at my vertex area has stabilised. I cannot say for certain at this point that there is significant regrowth here, but I can say that my hair is in much better condition and feels thicker generally. It was becoming very dry and difficult to manage and it has got some of its smoothness and elasticity back. I would recommend this product, particularly as it is backed by randomised trial evidence.

So far So good

I am happy with serum. Hair seems bit darker & growing thicker.


TelomErase Triple Telomere Targeting Serum claims to be the next-gen age-defying technology: a 6-in-1 multi-corrective that erases, tightens, brightens, blurs, moisturizes and regenerates and Reviv says it contains the most powerful combination of new ingredients available to visibly reduce the appearance of sags & bags, dark circles, fine lines, sunspots, redness, pore size & laxity. From my experience as compared to SkinMedica products I disagree that TelomErase reduces pore size, sunspots or dark circles. TelomErase is good for tightening, sags/bags, moisture and fine lines on the neck. It certainly is less costly than SkinMedica, but needs be combined with other products to get the desired effect.


After three weeks of use the results significantly exceeded my expectations, expecially for the eyes bags (I'm 60 years olg). Skin feels comfort. It's a great product.

No noticeable difference

I used two bottles of RevivHair serum with the booster added to each bottle using the dropper applicator for a little over a month. Since my hair is so thick, I found it hard to apply only 1 to 2 droppers to massage into my scalp. I liked that the product was unscented but I did not notice any difference in my gray roots, which have grown out even more since my first application. If my hair was very short or thin, the application may have been easier and might have lasted longer.

The photos are on the right are the "before" photos and those on the left are the "after."


1.5 months into this and no difference yet. I have only been using about 5 sprays per day, 2 per side of head and 1 on the side of the face (beard), using the other side of the face as a control. Have not been able to use any product on top or back of head due to price/volume of product provided. I will likely buy one more bottle so I can give a true 3 month assessment. So far I note no difference, but 1.5 months does seem rather soon to note any change.

Nice and lite

Serum goes on nice, soaks right in, no breakouts, does seem to reduce any redness

I love this product

I love this product. It is better than the Skinmedica. I have to use this everyday because it makes my skin look and feel so much better. I do recommend using wet fingers to apply it, same as I would for Skinmedica's product. I think HA7x is actually better than the skinmedica product because it goes on my skin so much smoother and there is no pilling of the product on my skin. I highly recommend this product.

Love this stuff; as good or better than TNS Essential Serum

I love this product. I was using SkinMedica TNS Essential Serum but Ultimate Serum actually goes on smoother and leaves my skin feeling smoother. I use this everyday. I highly recommend this product. It is as good or better than TNS Essential Serum.


I used TNS Essential Serum for years and although I was satisfied with product, it just got too expensive for a retiree. I ordered the Ultimate Reviv Serum after reading about it online and the reviews. I feel that it works just as well as the TNS Essential Serum without the odor and problems with the pump at almost 1/3 of the price. It also feels lighter on my skin and doesn't interfere with the application of any facial make-up. I also purchased the HA7X which is equivalent to the HA6 activator. That product too does a great job in hydrating my face with a pleasant, lighter feel. I am sold on these products!

Bottle will last a long time

Exceptional hyaluronic acid serum. I've used the SkinM****a brand and I can't tell the difference between the two.

Early days 🤞

I am only in my second week, but my hair feels different to touch. Cannot wait to see how it responds over the next 6 weeks+

It's doing miracles to my hair!

This treatment does miracles to my hair! It’s not a hair dye, it’s a treatment system for greying and thinning hair. My hair color looks a little darker than it used to be originally, but only I can tell! After a few weeks’ of daily use my greys are all gone, and overall hair health and texture has improved!! I’m really curious to see how long the effects would last before I purchase this again. I know I will!

Fantastic product!!!!!!!!!

I can say in one word that this lash and brow serum is wonderful which I ever had. Actually I was having small patches in my eye brow. After 3 weeks of application, I can see eye brow hairs are started to grow. I will strongly recommend this product who is having patchy brows. But I have not tried it in my lash. This serum is liquid based so it will not stick in your brows. I have not faced any irritation or itchiness. Phenomenal product......

Can’t believe it seems to work

I have tried everything and I mean everything but gave this a try and I can see new hairs starting to grow Have only been using for a month but happy so far if it gets better will give 5 stars Give it a try

Phenomenal!!! Hands down best eyelash serum out there.

In the past I had used prostaglandin based serums, but it gave me terrible side effects that I quit using them. My eyelashes are naturally short, and so light in color, I need something to encourage growth, density and color. Revivlash is nothing short of a miracle in a tube! It has increased the density and thickness, made them darker and longer! This is a really big deal for me, because my eyelashes are nonexistent otherwise. Additionally, there is zero irritation, doesn't burn or sting, so that I another benefit. I also love that this serum is a gel and thus a bit thicker so it sits in the lashes nicely. I could not be happier with this amazing product and highly recommend it to everyone wanting to improve their lashes.

Definitely darker, and thicker

I forgot to take 'before' photos. The first one is after about 1/3 bottle, and the second one is after 1 full bottle. Its weird, but I think the color is starting from the end of the hair, inward. I wasn't expecting that. Repurchasing.

Love it

Strong prep step #1, and really good plumping and rejuvenating steps. Fair price too, especially compared to Skinmedica's version.

I happy with the results

I have been using this product for about a year and I am happy with it so far, so I am going to continue using it!

Good so far

The product does not have a strong odor and is easy to apply.

Looks to be a breakthrough product

I'm at about 2 months into product use. I started with Juve Tress, a competiter, but quit after 2 weeks because of the apparenntly low concentration of Redensyl in their product. They would not disclose the percentage of contents and the product made my hair greasy. I saw the add for Revivhair and saw the 5% concentration of Redensyl and the numerous good reviews of the product and decided to try for 1 month. After 1.5 months of use I can honestly say it works and performs as advertised. This is the very first hair regrowth product that provided good significant results for me. The hair regrowth and densification occurs where ever I apply it. The hair is not vellous but brown, my natural color. Must admit I am also using a shampoo and conditioner that contains Redensyl as an assurance, so I would not change my procedure at all for anything. The stuff works folks, and "science" is still pushing 50 year old treatments with finesteride and minoxydil as though they work. Never did, never will. Scam time is now over with Redensyl.

Hair Serum with Greyverse

This was my first order. Too soon to tell but I will do my part, use the product as directed,
and provide and update when I start to see results.

Like it so far

Have only been using a few weeks so I think it may be too early to tell other than it seems I am having less hair fall. I do like that it does not make my hair sticky. Will reorder.