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Greyverse with Triaminodil in "Hero" Serum and Fine Mist Sprayer

I think this really works!!! I bought the Greyverse with the Hero serum, and decided to pay the additional $5 for the Triaminodil vial. I've been using this product for just a little over two weeks, and saw results (actual less grays at the roots) within a couple of days! Also, my hair, so far - looks & feels healthier - it's less frizzy, softer, longer, and shinier. I'm definitely going to continue to purchase, and, we'll see how this goes.


It’s clearing up my dry skin and improving the look of my skin. Worth a try!

Absolutely loveeeeee this product

Where do I start? I absolutely love this product and rather would say that I am addicted to it. My skin loves how gentle it feels and also doesn't leave the skin feeling sticky.
It provides great nourishment and rejuvenates the skin. I have been using it for over 3 weeks and have seen a change in my skin. It feels more nourished and bright. I am excited to try more of their range,

Awesome Product

I have been using this product for less than 30 days & have already seen increase in thickness. I'm encouragee. My hair started thining during menopause. I wanted a product that wouldn't have side effects like minoxidil. I found it in this product. I will be ordering again. I'm considering an add-on vial of triaminodil for hopefully even better results. However, more research needed before I decide.

Initial Thoughts

I have only been using this for a few weeks, so I cannot comment on hair growth yet. It is easy to put on and is not greasy. It does feel refreshing when you first put it on your scalp. There is a light odor but it is not offensive and dissipates in a short amount of time. After 10 minutes or so you can't tell that you put anything on your scalp. Thus far, I have had no scalp irritation. I will continue to use for a few months and see what happens.

Trying the additional grey reverse serum

Long time, happy user of Reviv hair serum who thought he’d try the grey reverse compound. One month in, very slight colouring of my grey hair around the temples. Not close to my original colour but very early days. Got three bottles as a starter. Let’s see how we get on. I’m optimistic and I’ll post an update in a couple of months.

Gift Card

I am happy about the customer service that I received while purchasing the gift card. I needed help because instead of giving the gift card as a Christmas gift, I decided to give the product itself. So the rep helped me to get the code ASAP and purchase the products with my own gift card. The shampoo and conditioner made it on time before Christmas even if I ordered it only a few business days away.

Overnight miracle

I was picked to be an evaluator for this new version/product with the double spout (for free), and I am so glad I was picked. I was shocked by the results, and I have tried many, many such products. Usually I wake up with some sagginess, especially under the eyes, but even after the first morning I could tell a major difference. It’s a bit costly but I would say well worth it. My skin looks brighter, even, smoother and healthier than ever. Did I mention tighter, and NO PORES.

The Longer the Better

I've always been thin.....right down to my eyelashes. Long thick eyelashes make an eye pop so I was excited to be chosen for the RevivLash Lash & Brow Stimulating Serum campaign. The product is easy and quick to apply, with no fuss. After about 3 weeks I started noticing my lashes appeared longer thicker and healthier. I am super pleased with the results this far and see this as a staple in my routine

#RevivLash #lashrejuvenation #longerlashes #thickerlashes #RevivSerums


No results on my bare spots yet, but I'm still continuing!

Customer service

I’ve only been using the Max hair stim. Serum for 2 weeks, so it’s too early to judge any results . However , I can say I’m impressed with their customer service . There was a problem with my order that I caused , and they fixed it quickly . They return emails quickly and seem to wanna bend over backwards to help u . If the products are as good as their service , then I’m gonna have some badass hair !


Honestly, I didn't see any difference. My face is still the same and the hair serum did do anything either. I guess I should have expected it.


I bought this a few weeks ago and only one chamber in the bottle work some only getting half the product waste of money seriously disappointed

Sorry to hear that! It's bound to be frustrating when the product dispenser doesn't work as anticipated. Have you attempted regular priming of the airless pump? (Tapping the top end of the bottle into the palm of your opposite hand a few times, briskly). If you still find this technique doesn't work, then you can use an alternative technique with a paper clip. Flip the container over, and you'll notice two small pinholes, one for each chamber. Insert an open paper clip into the hole underneath the corresponding chamber to push up the plate. Note that while ideally you would apply a mix of both chambers to your skin, it is certainly OK to apply the contents of only one side until both chambers are working correctly. Should you still find that, for some reason, these techniques do not work, please let us know as soon as possible using the Contact Us menu on our site, and we'll be happy to send out a replacement product for you. Thank you for your patience.
Best hair loss investment

Over the years, I've spent thousands on various products that delivered little more than broken promises. The only ones that gave minimal results were the three approved by the FDA - Finasteride (Propecia), Minoxidil (Rogaine), and laser light therapy. Despite the gains I received, they pale in comparison to those experienced from Reviv Hair's product containing 5% Redensyl. Look at my before picture and the once taken approximately one month later. There are a number of re-stimulated follicles that have been dormant for years. I can only hope that continued treatment will bring them back to a fully functional state capable of producing mature strands of hair.

Great Product!

I received a sample and after using it for a few days I decided to purchase the regular bottle. I love the mist. I t is very hydrating. It feels fantastic and my skin looks really nice.

great price for such a product

I have been using TNS Medica for years, and thought while it was quite expensive the science behind was very good and I liked what it did to my skin. To find another serum almost identicle and for so much less money is a gamechanger in my opinion. I hope it becomes real competition on the market and companies realize they should be competititive fiscally.

RevivHair with Grey Hair Reverse

I purchased this item because my hair has been shedding also because I have grey hair issues. I have been using P—— Grey Hair Treatment for 6 months already and it does work for pigmenting and decreasing the grey, however, the I believe that RevivHair with Grey Hair Reverse gives more value for your buck. I also do not know if the P—— is the one that is causing my hair to shed, or if it’s just stress or the Keratin Treatment that I did 6 months ago. Anyway, I have been using this product for almost one month and I think that it’s too early to tell if it is working as far as the hair growth and decrease of shedding is concerned. However, as far as the grey hair reverse part, I do not think it works compared to P——, the previous product that I was using because that one started working for a few weeks of use. I believe that the gray hair reverse formulation is weak because it is just a small part of the serum itself. I will give it one or 2 more bottles to see if the RevivHair with Grey Hair Reverse truly works. But my suggestion is to also make the Grey Hair Reverse available as a separate treatment to make it potent.

Thank you for your posted review. Note that simply because the grey-reverse ingredients are in a separate vial that appears small, that does not mean it is 'weak.' RevivHair REV would definitely be considered 'stronger' than Phyto RE30.
Phyto RE30 contains Greyverse (Palmitoyl Tetrapeptide-20) but it is listed as the 14th ingredient (in order of strength) well below fragrance and two preservatives which would typically be less than 1% in strength.
RevivHair REV contains BOTH Greyverse at its strongest recommended percentage (2.0%) as well as Darkenyl at 1.0%. Phyto RE30 only contains the Greyverse peptide and does not contain the Darkenyl compound.
Capable of Hair Regrowth

After 5 months of using Reviv Max serum, I am regrowing hair on my top corner frontal which is seeable in the video


I have been usig this product around 6 weeks now and have seen some new hair around my edges.
I will continue to use this product for the next several months because i know that new hair takes time. I am encouraged with the results i have seen so far.

Working on hairline!

I’ve been using the growth serum with redensyl for 2 months now and I can definitely see some small new hairs coming in on my hairline and the existing ones look stronger. I also like the way it makes my hair feel. Before using the product my hair was really dry and it feels much healthier now. The serum dries quickly and easily and gives my hair a little more volume. I can’t tell if I’m having any new growth other than that on my hairline but I’m willing to try it for at least 6 months to see what happens. Growth or not, I enjoy using it as a hair product.

Nice product

I have started using this product, has not brought fmthe full effects as of yet, but has started to make my hair feels smoother and healthier

Progress on my Hair Growth in three (3)years

I am pleased with the progress on my hair growth during the last three (3) years. I use RevivHair Stimulating Shampoo, Conditioner and Serum daily.Attached are two (2) pictures, current status and three (3) years ago.

Lowell Skelton

healthier hair

I have been using revive hair max for a long time now together with other products and I feel it helps, stopping hair loss, thickening hair and helping new growth. You have to be patient though. Any regrowth takes time whatever product you use. It feels cool and soothing and smells lovely. Too early to say about the anti greying formula as I have only just started using it.


I'm using it, and believe it's much too soon, I will update it. However I am using your Shampoo, which I like very much and see
a difference in the texture and manageability, also using your Creams, both for the face as well as the body and I am definitely
satisfied with the results, not previously obtained with others creams, and no need to use a lot to accomplish it. A +.
Andres C. ,