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Glowing skin already noticeable

I just started the serum and I’m noticing improvement in texture and tone of my skin in 2 weeks!

Ageless Live Glow

Do yourself and favour and buy yourself 12 months supply of the Ultimate Serum.

Your skin will thank you 🙏

Love it

I’ve been using the Ulimate serum morning and night for the last month and I’m obsessed. I will stick to it forever. First time user of growth factors, I should have started way earlier. Better late then never.

Surprised by my results!

I've tried many vitamin C serums, but never an anhydrous (waterless) formula. The texture made me a bit nervous since I thought it might be a bit too oily. I use Vit C serums during the day as my first serum before sunscreen. This is a very liquid texture, just a bit thicker than water. I do like that there are multiple forms of Vit C in the formulation, none of which are ascorbic acid, which is known to be highly unstable. The high percentage of vitamin C has not caused me any reactions or irritations. As to texture and wear, I have been very pleased with this product. I use a toner, watery essence, and while my face it still damp from the essence, I immediately apply the Vitamin C serum. It sinks right in without leaving an oily finish, but I think applying while my skin is slightly damp does help the application, at least on my skin. My skin just glows! The serum absorbs quickly. Love that it has no scent. The only one small con is that the bottle is plastic and seems a bit cheap, but who cares!? It's a huge size, is opaque and comes in a pump dispenser, which are all positives for me. More importantly, I love the glow that this product gives me it plays well with my other morning products. I will repurchase when I'm done with this bottle!

Note that the serum does contain L-Ascorbic Acid but it is a unique ethylated version (3-O-Ethyl L-Ascorbic Acid), a new form that solves the water (and therefore stability) issues of plain L-Ascorbic Acid.

We do ship in recyclable plastic bottles since we offer free carbon-neutral shipping, regardless of order size, including internationally, so weight is a top factor when it comes to our primary packaging.

Loving this!

Loving how smooth my chronically dry lips are. I was using an exfoliating scrub that was okay, but my lips still always felt dry. after switching to this no more dryness at all, and super smooth lips


I have bought this 2x and love. Makes my skin glowy without any irritation.

Best price for an awesome serum

I love this serum, I had a receiving hairline by the side of my forehead, thank lord this works, baby hair are growing now and the amount of white hair is less, getting this again as the bigger bottle does save money and time in ordering to often, I do use it religiously every night before sleep. It works!!!!

Great product non-irritant

I love this product, I use it on my eyebrows and my lashes, they fall less and they do not irritate my eyes like other brands, I am ordering again, I want to see the results long term.

Lash and brow serum

Love it! Keep purchasing as I see real results. The ingredients are are packed with what is important to lash growth and I highly recommend.

Telomerase Serum is liquid gold!

I’m here to say that if you are considering purchasing this serum, do it now! It absorbs well and I have experienced so much skin clarity and overall smooth complexion in my first bottle. I am a definite believer and will buy again. I love it! The price is more reasonable than other products I have purchased-thank you Reviv!


I have lost my hair twice because of cancer treatment. My hair just didn’t seem to be growing at all. We found this product and within two day after using it my hair started to grow. I am thrilled with this product.

Fast working

I lost most of my eyelashes and eyebrows when I had chemotherapy in 2005. After using this product I actually noticed the difference in two days. My eyelashes were very few and short and by day three they were longer and actually getting thicker. I wore mascara for the first time in years. Eyebrow’s I notices right away were coming in that I actually got a comment on them. Great product.

So far pretty good impressions…

I have been using the Reviv Hair Serum for past 6 weeks. I can definitely attest to my scalp producing less sebum, my hair becoming more shiny and less greasy (before using the product I had to wash my hair every day; now I can get away with 2 days of not washing it). I can also see more volume (maybe 10% more) of existing hair.
I can’t really see much in terms of hair regrowing yet in my receding hairline. I can see a couple of single hair popping up in previously bald spots, so I take it as a promising sign and intend to order another bottle.
I will try to keep going for at least 6 months, at which point I will revisit my current review.
I’m cautiously optimistic about the product and hair regrowth…

Hair Stimulating Serum @ 3 Months Review

Hi Everyone, my name is Brett and I am a 60 year old male living in New Zealand. I have been a Trade Certified Hairstylist for 40 years and I have a separate qualification as a licensed Aesthetician. I first started noticing hair loss (both reduction in density and miniaturization) a few years ago and decided to try and reverse it without using any sort of drugs. Until using RevivHair Max I had been micro-needling with a 0.5 roller once a week and using my Red Light panel for 10mins each day. I do believe that this regime has slowed down the rate of thinning but it was doing little to stimulate new growth. I knew about Revivserums from watching skin/hair videos online so decided that I would try their product. I purchased their shampoo, conditioner, and RevivHair Serum with a DHT Thwart Vial. I took photos the night I started and noted in my diary to review after 3 months. I knew from my hairstyling training that to see results from any hair treatment product you may need to wait between 3 months to 2 years depending on where your individual growth cycle is. I'm very happy to report that I can see a significant difference in the first 3 months. I have provided before and after photos for you to view and you will note that there is some new hair growth at the front hairline but the biggest difference is in the density of hair growth all over the scalp and the small increase in the diameter of the hair shafts. I will be posting more photos at the 6 month period for you to view but so far I am very happy with the results.

Strong and Effective Vitamin C

Oily but makes skin clear and glow

Not impressed

I was hoping for this kit to be showing some difference after w month use but unfortunately it does nothing to my lips. Number 1 also gives me no tingling sensation that I was expecting reading some of the reviews and the description itself.
The plumping stick works like many on the market but nothing special at all. Unfortunately I cannot recommend this product

I am on my 4th 60 mL bottle

Too early to see the results. One bottle lasts me approximately one week using twice a day. Product consistency is silky and easy to apply. Does not make hair heavy or greasy. So far so good.

Please note that we recommend once a day application, and the bottle should last at least 34 days or so so you may be over-applying. Although you won't have untoward effects, you may just be wasting product.

This product gave me blackheads

I really wanted this product to work for my skin issues, but it just give me another one. Vitamin C is supposed to reduce blackheads, but this product did the opposite thing. I'm disappointed.

Thank you for your review. Indeed, vitamin C as well as phloretin work to lessen the appearance of blackheads. It could perhaps be that you are applying too much, and letting the product sit in the pore if cleansing or exfoliation doesn't occur daily? We recommend a thin layer, and it may help to pat it on the skin, rather than rub. If you're prone to blackheads, we recommend applying a AHA/BHA product daily.


I love this product and have purchased several of them more than once. Recommended by a friend. Leaves my skin feeling so hydrated and dewy and much more affordable than Skin Medica. I also use the Reviv C, Revinol Serum and the Ultimate Serum. Fantastic products!

Great serum so far

I purchased this serum because it seems to be one of, if not the best formulated hair growth serum on the market with an incredible list of actives and I wanted to treat a bit of thinning that I have noticed in my temple areas. I use this every night combined with a 5 minute scalp massage and nothing else, though I am considering incorporating microneedling one day. I have been using it for about a month and as of now I have had no negative effects. It has not caused any itching and I have not noticed any flaking of dried product like with some other serums, so that is already great. My hair has not gotten any thinner and one person (so far) in my life who didn't know I had started using this serum commented that it looked like I had new baby hairs along my forehead, which is encouraging. I have used many scalp serums over the years with varying degrees of success, but I feel very confident in this one and it's formulation.
My only two complaints are firstly, I wish that the serum was a thinner consistency as I find the gel-like texture a bit more difficult to distribute compared to other, more watery serums, which makes me have to use way more than the recommended 1-2 dropper-fulls (more like 6-7) to cover my entire scalp. This could just be due to having curly hair so maybe this isn't a problem for straighter hair types, but using this amount every application makes it a little unsustainable cost-wise for me personally so I have reluctantly decided to cut back to only using it on the thinning areas. Secondly, I wish that the packaging utilized some sort of reducer that would scrape the excess product off of the dropper as you pull it out because having the dropper covered in the serum causes a lot of product to end up on my actual strands of hair instead of my scalp and to sometimes drip onto my counter (though a thinner consistency would solve this as well). Neither of these things are dealbreakers and other than that, I think this is an incredible product so far. It seems to be very well researched and has all of the ingredients that I personally look for in a hair growth aide. Of course it's too early to see significant results, but I do plan to continue using this serum for the next 6-12 months in order to give it a real chance. The customer service has also been great, so that is a plus.

Great Serum

This is the perfect multi-peptide serum that I've added to my nighttime routine. So glad I waited for it to come back into stock and will definitely be keeping this one, instead of the Revision Skincare serum I had been using, which was twice as much money. Definitely recommend it.

Effective and efficient. Will definitely reorder

I’m a former product junkie- had been doing the 10 step Korean skin care method. Ain’t nobody got tie for that!! I wanted to streamline my routine and the ultimate serum seemed like it delivered a lot of anti aging ingredients in one step. I wanted to try this before the other more famous TNS serum to check the hype, but now I doubt if I will ever spend more for that one when the Reviv serum is working so well. I waited two months before reviewing and I use it morning and night. I only use an eye cream and sunscreen during the day and eye cream at night with this serum. I wanted to see how it performed without interference or help. I will definitely repurchase. My skin is more radiant and I haven’t noticed more wrinkles popping up. I will have to add a moisturizer on top during winter months because I get so dry then. If you are considering purchasing this product, my advice is to do it and try it out on its own for a month or two to see if it works for you. I’m looking forward to trying out some other products too now that I have witnessed how well this serum works.

Hair growth shows moderate improvement

I will start by saying I am on a medication that has interfered with both the growth and quality of my hair and nails, so this is an ongoing challenge for me. I have been using RevivSerums for hair management for 18 months now and there definitely is more hair on the top of my head. The 1st 2 photos are from March 2022, and the second from Aug 2023. The hair that has come back is very very fine, so although I do have more hair on the top of my head, there is little body and volume to style. As for the kit, the shampoo and conditioner are very nice and leave my scalp feeling clean with no residue. As for the scalp “masque” - I think it is a waste of time (and money) as half the time I forget to put it on before my shower and when I do use it semi- regularly it really does not seem to make any difference in the number or quality of hairs coming back. The needle roller is a cute addition - again, who knows if it makes a difference; theoretically it should. The serum itself (and I use all 3 boosters) is easy to apply just using the eye dropper that is included. I do think I notice less gray hair, but what I do notice for sure is how shiny and healthy my hair looks overall. I have had several positive compliments on it in the last several months. The products are pricey on their own and the kit seems to be the most economical. I will continue to use the serum plus boosters, as well as the shampoo and conditioner as long as I notice a positive benefit.

Love it!

I love this effective serum; my skin is plumper and firmer. I stopped using Osmosis stem cell serum, started using this one, and have not looked back. I will soon begin using the Reviv eyelash serum RevivLash; I have high hopes - stay tuned.