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I'm surprised to say this product does actually work

In 2020 I realized I had a moderate amount of hair thinning on the frontal region and I started using RevivHair Max Hair Stimulating Serum in August 2020. I did not use any other hair-growth product together with it. For the first few months I did not notice any difference whatsoever and I was about to give up on the product given that it is expensive. From around November I started to notice a small improvement but I was not sure if I was just imagining it. However, the improvement has continued since then and I can now really see the difference, especially after I started using the product together with occassional derma-roller scalp treatment. I am not sure if it would work with total baldness, but it does seem effective for those with modest recent hair thinning. It is definitely the best hair-growth product I have tried so far. You have to be patient to give it time to work.

I see a difference with these!

I first tried the vitamin c serum, and your complexion just looks more alive for the day! For the ultimate serum I was very excited, because I have used skinmedica as tns products for a while, but have not managed to repurchase for a few months down to the steep prices. I did see a difference in my skin after using this serum, it took me a couple of days to recognise it, but I especially saw a chance around my eyes after leaving the serum on over night. I am going to give the full size a go, to give it more time to be 100% about what I feel I’m seeing. These products come at a much better price, so I will be over the moon if I do feel this equals what I get from skinmedica. Thank you revivserums for being such a great company. You genuinely seem like good people running it :)

Very good

Seeing little results in few weeks of usage, will continue

Really helps thicken hair density

I have used this serum before and decided to take a break and I really noticed a difference not using it.
This helps redensify the hair. I’m 55 years old and menopause has made my hair thin. I believe this serum is helping to make my existing hair thicker. Grateful for this serum.

So far so good

I don't notice any regrowth just yet but my hair feels better.

Lee’s shedding

It is a gentle good serum I may have new growth but definitely gave 90% less falling out on my hairbrush each week. Only been using fir 2,weeks so hopefully will have good results in regrowth

Gives a nice and Subtle Tan

- To my surprise this serum actually works and gave me a nice subtle tan without looking fake
- I tested this on my right arm and as you can see from the photos my right arm has a really nice color to it compared to my left which is super pale
- In natural lighting there isn’t a huge difference, but in my normal home lighting you can see a difference, which is why the side by side photo is in my bathroom hehe
- The texture is very lightweight and the orange color can be a little intimidating, but it blends nicely into the skin
- A little goes a long way with this and it’s an in between of creamy and watery consistency
- Doesn’t feel greasy and sticky
- Not only does it gives me a nice tan, but it also moisturize my skin as well, which is a great plus

So far, seems to be working great

Customer service awesome, too. Just wish it came in a larger bottle.

Powerful Stuff

I’ve been using this serum consistently for about a month and already I’m seeing increased firmness and diminished fine lines. I’m using a bunch of products to be honest, but the results I’m seeing have been more pronounced since the addition of this serum.

Still waiting for results....

Have been applying the serum since almost 4.5 months with no changes as of yet. I know hair products do take a while but now i have my doubts. Will continue to use it for 3 more months and if still no change in terms of effect, will stop using it as then it would just be waste of $. Have been quite religious in applying it almost everyday except some few days in between skipped. Not been using Minoxidil in conjunction but on Finestride.

Reviv hair growth

So far so good! I’ve been using minoxidil for years and have only started using Reviv max hair serum in conjunction with a derma roller. I think I already see the impact, with new hairs growing and hair density improving, one month in.

Reviv hair growth serum

According to my research this serum has the best ingredients and no harmful chemical in it. I’m battling with hair loss since 15 years and this serum looks very promising. It’s been a month I have started using it. I will keep posting my results here after few more months. I will keep using it since it has got everything your hairs need. I have posted my picture. This is after 6 months of prp combined with 1 month usage of reviv serum

Controls hair fall

It helps in controlling hair fall.i have been using it from the last four months and my hair fall seems to have reduced and hair also feels a bit thicker.hope that it will help me in retaining my hair as i am suffering from thinning of hair and receding hairline


I thought I had a great lash serum, already, beached out and tried this and my lashes were longer and thicker within a week!

Too early to see results but...

Just had to comment, no one mentions how thick this serum is. It is more like a gel then a serum, was not expecting that, so for those that want to know, it is not really a liquid.

Indeed, RevivHair Max is a gel serum: thicker than liquid, but thinner than a siilcone-based serum, and definitely thinner than any type of hair gel.


1month of using, hard, long experience eith hairgrow products. Bottom line: it seems to do work. Good absorbtion, you need 2 drops to cover well, no sheding, still to soon to talk about regrowth.

Melasma and uneven pigment gone!

In about 1 week, skin had improved texture, was softer and more even color. I have stubborn melanoma/brown spots since my 30s that are getting darker in my 50s. This is the only product I have ever used that so easily and dramatically lightened the darker areas on sides of my cheeks. I am thrilled! I am sure to buy more, but it will last about 6 months, a little goes a long way!

Starting to see results

This is my third week of using this serum nightly on my lash and brows. I’m 46 and my brows are pretty thin. Even though it hasn’t been long, I am seeing a slight difference in the length of my lashes and the fullness of my brows. I’m waiting for the tail of my brow to fill in, which I know takes time, especially at my age. My brows thinned in my 20s due to a hormone imbalance.
I have high hopes and and going to give it 12 weeks.

Eyelash and brow growth enhancer

Yes, it works perfectly. My brows are filling in and the edges are lengthening. My lashes are longer and perhaps thicker. This product does not change the moisture content in my eyes. No dry eyes.


I have been using Reviv Ultimate serum for the past few months every day and I am really pleased with the results. I could tell a difference in my skin. I can assure you that with the continuous use of this wonderful serum my skin looks more radiant, hydrated and smoother. Also my skin is firmer because the serum is helping with improving skin tone and tightness. Try it and you won’t be disappointed. This serum really works.

Will keep trying

I have grey hair after I have a baby. It’s been a year now. I started to try RevivSerums two months ago hoping it can reduce the grey hair. I used almost two bottles so far but haven’t seen any improvement yet. I will keep trying for three or four months and see if there is any improvements.

So far so good

This product seems to be a great alternative to minoxidil, mainly since it dries much quicker and doesn't leave the hair looking and feeling greasy, which ultimately can be embarrassing. So far it's difficult to tell if I'm getting results, but the hair loss seems to be slowing. I'll continue to use it for a few more months to see if it's truly more effective.

Ultimate serum is great

I have used ultimate serum for at least 3 years and I receive compliments on my skin. For a 63-year-old I have very few wrinkles I’m very happy with using the ultimate serum and a little Retin-A. And of course, sunscreen.

Staple in my new skin regime

I love this product. It is very light with minimal odor. I did not experience any irritation from this product. The best part is no pilling when I layer products on top

Seems like great product

I have used it only about 5-6 weeks. I think it is too soon to draw a decision as hair growth cycle normally takes about 90 days to grow back. However, noticing significant less hair loss after starting this product. Unsure if it is directly related to this product or also attempted to improve other factors that effects hair fall: like rest, improved diet nutrition, exercise. Will continue to use this product for six months and can provide an accurate review of this product.