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Improvement in hair density.

I have been using this product for two weeks now and can see significant improvement in the density of my hair.I have fine hair so they tend to appear thin easily.Very happy with my purchase; and will order again soon.

New hair

I applied the serum twice daily and also used a stimulating shampoo. I had hair loss due to stress, and now I have significant new hairs where it was bare. I have used the shampoo for two months and the serum for only one. I believe the result is due to the synergy of both products, and I intend to continue use. I could definitely feel the serum at work. Some of the new hairs are much darker than normal.

So far - so very good!

For 20 years, I'd been using a hair growth product that worked. But...15 months ago, they stopped manufacturing it, and I was slowly watched my supply dwindle to nothing. Speaking of dwindling, I was starting to resign myself to probably being "bald" within a year. And then 4 weeks ago, I saw an article about Redensyl. Google it, and found Reviv serums. As of today - I am absolutely DELIGHTED to state that my existing hair shafts are getting thicker, and i have a lot of new shafts sprouting. I haven't had ANY new hair shafts for months prior. YAY!!!!

Hydrating, but didn't do any plumping.

I really had high hopes for this trio. I am 54 . and losing some of the fullness of my lips due to aging. I had hoped this would plump my lips more. I did't see any change in that area, not even a little.
It was hydrating but this is too expensive to get the hydration I can get with my hyaluronic acid lip balm.

On the mend

If I'm being honest, I don't know how I feel about this product. I really like your line in general, but this one is iffy to me. For starters, I can't find any research on these specific peptides at all, which makes me skeptical, and blog post reviews don't really reassure me that it may or may not be pseudoscience. And also, I'm not getting the cooling sensation on my head and it's been about two weeks, and I'm noticing my hair getting thinner - unless that's supposed to happen at first? My hair is also left dry afterward too ...It's only been about two weeks, so I know it takes time. But there are a few things that make me skeptical, especially because I don't see my hair getting better but apparently a slight bit worse, I just can't tell. I don't mean for this review to be harsh, and I know everyone's experience is different, but I rather see real scientific studies like how I can see on Redensyl, Anagain, etc ... Either way, I'm not giving up. And I hope whoever is reading this knows that everyone's experience is obviously different. We shall see...

Shampoo and Conditioner

Since I have been using these two products I have definitely noticed less hair coming out when I comb it, increased volume and shine. I am very happy with the shampoo and conditioner.

I also use the Reviv Hair Serum and the Placode Booster Serum and am amazed at how easy it is to use and how it leaves my scalp and hair ready for the next days treatment in such wonderful condition.
Haven't used long enough to see actual hair growth but I am looking forward to that in the future. Meanwhile my hair's condition had improved greatly in feel and appearance. Thank you for such great products.

RevivHair Max Stimulating Serum Works

I have thinning hair, due to meds, and auto immune problems. Anything I have tried prior to Reviv, didn't really work. The receding hairline at temples is starting to fill in. I have only been using it it about two months. I would suggest to anyone who has silmilar problems to try it, it does work.

Showing Improvement

I have tried several versions of other serums and this Revivhair serum seems both high in quality and potency. Its fragrance free and improves the general health of the scalp too. While it's early days and am more than halfway through the first bottle, I would say the signs are encouraging as I noticed a thicker feel and consistency in my hair. Would certainly recommend trying it for better density.

I've tried some other similar products and was never completely satisfied. After trying RevivHair I saw a big difference, and added the optional Triaminodil vial. My hair is no longer falling after the shower, looks fuller and better.

Revive serum

I purchased the revive serum plus the 2 option add one for graying and growth stimulation. I have been using it for about 2 weeks now. In the beginning I noticed a slight increase in hair fall for the first few days, but now my hair is starting to look thicker.

Slowly Working?

After going through 3 bottles, beginning to notice some improvement on top of head, side still 85%+ grey. It took looking at a picture from several months ago to realize it actually was making a difference. Overall will give another month or so.

Probably too early to tell

I didn’t think a little over two weeks of use was going to show any improvement, but Reviv asked for my opinions so here it is!
I have had sparse eyebrows for two decades now (I am 56 years old). Perhaps from low thyroid that was diagnosed about 10 years ago or possibly just genetics.
IF this product ends up giving me documented improvement, I will be happy to revise my review. I sense it could take many many months of use to reverse something that has been happening for many years.
Tried using it on my lash line, but I have super sensitive eyes and most products disagree with my dry eyes. I think I will try using this again on my lash line using a different applicator. I have a tiny sponge tip applicator that will allow me a more precise and controlled application that I will try using. Perhaps then I can do a better job if not having extra product melt into my eyes. Again will re-review after trying that! I will remain optimistic and hope this product eventually shows some improvement on my oh-so-sad eyebrows! I normally would NEVER post a pic (much less a video)of my old face sans makeup, but I think it’s useful for review to see the real deal!

Thank you for your thorough review! If you find there is too much product on the wand brush, remember there is an internal 'wiper' just inside the bottle which you can use to take off some of the serum.

The serum should be thick enough to stay where you apply it, and indeed if it is getting in the eye there is probably too much serum applied. Only a a thin layer on the upper lash line is needed.

If the product does get into the eye itself, be sure to rinse with cool water to avoid any irritation, and just start over with a smaller amount on the brush. Using the sponge tip applicator you describe might work fine.

Two weeks is indeed probably too soon to see visible results, given lash and brow growth rates and cycles. Patience and consistency are key, although we do have plenty of customers who get results with only inconsistent application! (Say, 3 or 4 times a week.)

Thanks again, and we look forward to hearing of continued progress!



Its growing

I lost lots off hair and know i can see they r growing back. So happy for this product

Result are sure shot

Reviv Hair max is a real result oriented solution for hair thinning and hair fall even it also resulted in new hair growth but takes 4-5 months for visible follicles...Long usage can lead to much better response.I have a regular user of the same from last 9months.

Reviv Lash

I have been using this product for over two weeks now and have noticed some growth. My eyebrows have thinned from over-tweezing when I was young. I can't wait to see what a full month will do.
I have used other products: Givenchy and City Lash, but this product is far superior to either of those.


I can’t seem to find a way to edit my previous post, so I guess I will make a separate one. I have used the serum for a month, and it did seem like I had less greys in certain areas. I would definitely recommend trying for longer which I planned to do. Unfortunately, I can’t continue to see if results will happen because my second serum has still yet to arrive at 3 weeks in. And I made sure I ordered early! Last time there was tracking available, this time I haven’t gotten ANY update on my shipment since the second day I ordered (Oct 5). This is disheartening since this type of serum needs constant use to see its effectiveness. I contacted Rev twice, they were quick to respond but they gave me a generic answer each time. No one bothered to look into it. I still have yet to receive it! I paid $60+ for this and I just want to make sure it’s not lost somewhere in transit. I would rather pay for shipping than have this type of bad service. A fair warning to anyone ordering, pay for shipping or hope and pray you get your order. Most frustrating experience.

Joanne - Thank you for posting your review. We'd like to clarify a few particulars.

As mentioned in our email responses, order shipments utilizing our FREE shipping option do NOT get ANY tracking to Canada, nor any international destinations.

For your first order, you mention you received tracking. Tracking link shows it did get *some* tracking inside Canada, but only a 'Shipment Received' in the country. That was unusual, and an aberration. Typically, that will not happen, and there will ONLY be U.S. regional tracking.

Indeed we can understand your frustration if your second order has still not arrived. It is not that we didn't bother to look into it. Unfortunately there is just no way to track the shipment from our end.

We utilize a consolidator for international shipments. Their rates are substantially less than postal rates, thus why we are able to offer free international shipping regardless of order size. To ship your parcel via the US Postal System would require a shipping charge upwards of $16+ USD.

As we've noted, you are able to opt for DHL courier shipping at checkout, and we would recommend this method of delivery and tracking if you're concerned about timing.

Customs processing for Canada is usually pretty prompt, as you must have experienced with your first order. Unfortunately of course, postal shipments do go awry, like a letter lost in the mail. It's rare, but it does happen.

It has been 15 working days since your order parcel left the consolidator warehouse. You should have already received your shipment by now (7-14 days is typical).

If your shipment is lost or stolen, we would be able to send a complimentary replacement shipment if that determination is made by Canada Post.

We would recommend immediately reaching out to your local postal service and perhaps they can put a trace on it for you as the recipient.

Our sincerest apologies for the shipper inefficiency and frustration. We are looking in to other alternatives for international shipping services, but given high shipping costs, it is rare to find one that is both fast AND reasonably priced.

Best regards,
Maya | Reviv Serums Director of Happiness


I really like this product! I can feel that my hair is growing! I have bought this for more than 12 bottles!


I really like this product! This RevivLash Lash & Brow Stimulating Serum | NEW Advanced Formula is reasonably priced and it's very easy to use!

My eyelashes look amazing after using it for just 3 weeks! It is easy to apply and doesn't bother me whatsoever. I definitely recommend this MRevivLash Lash & Brow Stimulating Serum | NEW Advanced Formula to anyone who wants their eyelashes to be longer and more beautiful!

revivhair rev with grey hair reverse

i have only used the above for a couple of weeks so it is too early to give an accurate review at present but i will give another update in the new year.

Game Changer!

This product glides on my skin and absorbs quickly! Great looking skin starts here. I have overspent on the competitor and now will only use HA7X.


So far I went through 2 bottles with the spray top. Can't tell yet but at least its not greasy like some other products. The spray top is a great idea.

Love TelomErase Serum

I love the telomerase serum. This was my first time trying it. I was using ultimate serum but now I like the telomerase even better for during the day. This stuff works and it feels good going on. Skin looks better right after using it and noticeable improvements over time. I get compliments on my skin. I used skin medicsa for a few months before discovering revivserums but I would never go back. I really like reviv serums a lot better because they go on the skin better and are never tacky. I can’t imagine not using them daily. Now I use the ultimate serum and night and telomerase in the morning.

Fabulous serum that really works and quick!

I've been loving using this Unretinol Serum. I've used Retinol and do use it often, but it can sometimes be a bit harsh on my face. Wondered about alternatives out there that could give similar results. I need antiaging, as well as acne treatment too. This is a lovely alternative that delivers both! My skin has became smoother and is more hydrated than ever. No breakouts or irritation, and fine lines seem blurred. Overall has a better tone and texture. This is a great product! Benefits many areas and gives awesome results.


So far its been amazing Love it