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Amazing Skin Care!

I have tried so many skin care products and have been very disappointed until now. I am so impressed with the results so far - my skin is reverse aging! I have to make sure I don't run out.

Doesn't Work For Me

Prior to this, I was using a Grand Product and it worked great, but I was worried about the eye color change associated with the active ingredient. I started using Reviv a month ago. My lashes are starting to weaken and so has the growth brought forth by the Grand Product.

Thank you for your published review. Tracking shows that you would have only had 23 days since receipt of RevivLash to utilize it. Perhaps you are going through a catagen-to-telogen loss phase, which can last a few weeks. As noted on the product page, you'll want to apply for at least 4 weeks every night to see first visible effects; for best results apply for 6-8 weeks. Patience and consistency are key.

Feels like ther serum side of the skin medics

it's still early

I started trying. hope it works. will update

This Serum is AMAZING!!!!!!!!!

I have tried all kinds of serums and this one is by far my favorite so far. The first week I used it I had compliments on my glowing skin. It's a keeper!

Best eye lash serum

I was using an eyelash serum for many years but it was discontinued. I went on a hunt for something near as good but found nothing, until REVIVLASH LASH & BROW STIMULATING SERUM. It's amazing, it's been 2 weeks and my lashes are thickening up. My eyebrows are starting to darken a bit but it's a bit slower than the eye lashes. Love this brand, high quality product!! Can't wait for the final results in 60 days.

Pleasant to use

I'm using it on my beard, and I've been applying it for just over 6 weeks. It has a pleasant smell and is easy to apply. No drastic changes yet, but it looks like the white hairs on my beard are slightly less white now. Will continue to use and will re-assess at the 12 week mark.


This really helps my skin stay hydrated, fabulous in a rush gives a pep to your skin

The add-ins make this special

Customizing this product with different add-ins is so useful—and fun! I love t LumaCease one for the blue light protection. Smell is ok.

Good product

Have only been using products a couple of weeks so not sure how effective they will be. But I will continue using till gone and then I’ll have a better knowledge of products. So far I’m liking them.

Incredible results

In this Video I described my personal results and I’m very happy about this

LOVE this serum! Potent. No issue with off-putting scents or smells; some Vitamin C serums I've used smell like hotdog water. Enjoyable to layer in my morning skincare routine. Gives a fantastic glow & firmness to the skin. Very happy with my purchase.

Fell short of expectation :(

I did a lot of research on hair growth products and was excited to try this based on reviews & ingredient listing. Unfortunately after 6 weeks of regular use, I haven't seen much of any difference, but for a very subtle bit of baby hair fuzz. Quite disappointing.

So far, so good

Just started using the product. A little goes a long way in providing full coverage of face and neck good value for money. Non-irritating, even when it gets in my eyes and absorbs quickly allowing me to use in layering with other face products I use in my daily routine (night and day),

Fast Shipping

Great customer service. I have a few hairs that have gone from white to brown. Need to use longer to assess full results.

Nice serum

Only used for a few weeks, but my extremely sensitive skin is tolerating it well. Nice texture and my skin already seems more hydrated.

Works Great!

I’ve been using for about 6 months. Wanted an alternative to the uber-expensive serum I was using and I’m happy with the results. It’s very smooth and my skin looks so healthy.

Awesom subtlety

Big fan of the 1st step. Lips feel renewed and better fullness/definition. I apply steps 2 and 3 once a week to enhance and maintain step 1s effects. I feel a satisfying feeling it’s working when first applied but no stinging. Great for men who want to take care of their lips but without obvious volume.

Love it

I purchased the serum for the first time and noticed stronger and longer lashes after around 4 weeks. I will definitely repurchase!

It works

I bought this lash serum as soon as it came on the market. In the past I used Revitalash but learned that it may contribute to collagen destruction around the eyes. So, I started looking for safe substitutes. And I was happy to find Revivlash serum. It did what it was supposed to do.
I liked the product so much that I reordered it twice.
Highly recommend.


I've used this product for quite a few months and love it. My skin looks n feels great. Don't have any regrets switching from the TNS


After about 4 weeks I started to notice sunspots fading.

Revivlash growth serum

I began to notice body in my lashes within a week or so. I use it at night right before bedtime. It does not sting or cause redness. I would definitely purchase this again.

Good stuff

Works good so far, I’ve used skin medics for years. I’ve only been using this a few days, will update later.

Very effective serum.

I have used this serum for almost 3 years. I love it so much I always keep a back up. My skin looks great. My pores are diminished, it looks and feels smooth. My lines are greatly softened. I tell all of my friends about it. People assume I’m a good 15 years younger, than my actual age. I usually use it as my first step in my skin care morning and evening.