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Fantastic Product

Product absolutely works. They’ve put in the research and work into making a serum that gets the job done, with no bs.

None of their products involve animal testing which is a plus.


Stopped shedding and new hairs are coming in.

Great product

The Hair Stimulating Serum works!! I have seen good results. It's been 4 weeks using it & my hair has more density now. Looking forward to see what happens in another 6 weeks !!


Love it. Perfect for mid day to refresh face and blur imperfectionns

Terrific product

Outstanding serum, and a great price for a copper peptide product with a La Mer "miracle broth" base. 10 days after using this serum, my skin looks great and is firmer and more calm. I would highly recommend this product to anyone including those with thin sensitive skin like mine.

Good stuff

My wife got this and she thinks it's working. She's been using it about 3 weeks.

Good Product

Its been a little bit over 3 weeks using this product. I like the fact that I did not experience side effects since my skin is a bit sensitive. When I use it by itself my face feels feels good but when I combined it with the Ultimate serum sample I received, it was amazing! The dark spot I have on my cheek began to disappear. Unfortunately it's a bit pricey for me having to use 2 products. I am going to try just the Ultimate serum and see what happens....

So far so good!

I've just completed using my first bottle of Ultimate Serum. My skin seems plumper, tighter, and more even with wrinkles diminished. The dark areas under my eyes seem diminished. I ordered a second bottle to confirm the results with continued use. I'm using it as an alternative to TNS serum which is way too expensive. I was pleased to see the list of ingredients and the comparison with TNS. Thank you for a good product that is more affordable.


you all must have Ph.d's because you do such a tremendous job.


Good job. good company. your products are quite excellent.

Sample set (Hair serum)

I bought the sample set to try the hair serum. Although, It's too soon to know the full on effect of the hair serum as I've only used it for two weeks the main diffirence i notice is that my hair is not shedding as much as it use to. I will be purchasing the full size product and will post back in 4 months if there's any difference. The picture attached - views my hair and scalf and will use this to compare in four months time.

the real deal

i continue usiung these products because thdey really work well, goo customer service, excellent results.

The "Ultimate" Serum

Using the word "ultimate" to describe this serum was very bold but this is really is the ultimate serum. If you only buy one product then this is the one. I was a fan and long time user of the TNS serum but this is just as good, in fact it is better, not only do they share some common active ingredients but The Ultimate Serum is a lot less expensive and you also get double the amount compared to TNS, so it's a double saving. In, fact with the money saved you can get the TeloMerase serum to compliment your Ultimate Serum. My results after day 1: smoother and brighter skin - after one week: i looked like I had just got back from vacation my skin felt like glass, so smooth and started to notice a tightening. After one month: amazing skin texture, brightness, fine lines gone and my skin is firmer and tighter especially around the jawline and eyes. It has got that bounce back to it. You can text the results by gently pinching your skin between two fingers and then gently pulling it away from the face then let go of it and see how quickly the skin bounces back. Do this before using your ultimate serum then repeat after a months use, there's the proof that it works !!!! An incredible product that lives up to its name. You will love it !!!

Diego - Wow, we're blushing! :) Thank you for the thorough, and complimentary, review. You clearly love our serums, and we love having you as a customer and helping to provide such great results for you. Keep us abreast of your progress.
excellent product

leaves no residue unlike other hair serums, no flaking. Still waiting to see results have been using for a month now.

In able to review, products not received.

Unfortunately Australia post didn’t deliver to the house, was held at the local post office for ten days and returned before I had become aware of the parcels arrival. Please find attached picture of email. Is there any way the shipment could be returned and delivered to my door?

Janelle - Our shipping department will recontact you if and when the parcel is returned to us, and can discuss methods of redelivery. Thank you for your patience in the process. For further followup on this issue, please contact Customer Care directly by clicking CONTACT US in the above menu.
Great product

Been using now for a few months. Have a lot of baby hairs growing at my hair like. Yay

Just Ok!

I was expecting a little more from this product than I received I have used it consistently morning and evening for approximately 3 weeks. I have not seen any noticeable improvement to justify the expense ... I was using the ultimate serum and will go back to that one as I feel it works better for my skin


Great shampoo. Lathers quickly. Thanks for another superb performance.

Seeing New growth

I am a 54 year old African American women, experiencing traction alopecia. This is my first time using the Reviv, hair Serum. I bought this product in hope of growing hair in a stubborn bald spot on the top of my head. So far I see some growth and plan on purchasing a second bottle of the Reviv hair serum. I will report my results after the use of my second order. I too wish to bottles were bigger.

Like this better than HA5

Thi HA7 provides long lasting non greasy moisture without clogging my pores like HA5 has done.

Great results in a short time

I have noticed a huge improvement in skin tone and reduced sebum production in just a couple weeks of use.

Excellent Product, Love it !!!!!!!

The Hair Stimulating Serum absolutely works!! I have seen great results. It's been 6 weeks using it & I have new hair growth. My hair has more density now. I am also using the Placode Booster serum. I am very excited & looking forward to see what happens in another 6 weeks !!

I love it


Bye Skinmedica Essential Serum

I had a mole removed from my cheek and ended up with two black eyes. I swear the ultimate serum has helped heal them faster. What an unexpected surprise. I'm Loving this serum and intend to be a continued user.


This serum is amazing. It firms, smooths and definitely turns back the clock. I will keep a stock of telomerase. It is wonderful to see your face get younger!!!