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I have been using Reviv Ultimate Serum for about 6 weeks now. I love it! It goes on very easily and isn't sticky at all. Too early to see if it has made any great changes in my skin, you need to give it more time, but I am definitely going to buy more. Only criticism would be the way it dispenses unevenly sometimes which is irritating. Not mad about the packaging but that is not what is important here! The quality of the product and its ingredients is what matters - I heard about it from Penn Smith who I rate highly.

Afraid to stop using it

My skin is doing so much better I’m afraid to stop

Only serum you need

Love the simplicity! All in 1 serum that actually works. Absorbs well and it’s not sticky. Works well alone or under other serums. My skin looks brighter and hydrated. Great product.

Very good dupe for TNS

I waited weeks for this product since they were behind on production due to the high demand but it was totally worth the wait!! Great product!

Love it!

I have bought this a few times after buying TNS serum multiple times and hating spending that much money. I use this after a toner and then put on all my other serums and essentials and I really like it. It absorbs really well. I notice a smoother texture. I like to also put it under retinol or glycolic acid at night for the cell turn over and honestly my skin has never looked better. The only gripe I have is sometimes the bottle can be a pain to dispense the product and I don’t get even serum coming out and have wasted one side of the serum trying to get more of the other. Other then that I recommend it highly.

Amazing product

I have been using this serum for about a month and I am so impressed! I am 50 and can admit that when I was younger I totally didn’t take advantage of sunscreen or anything that could have helped my poor skin. In the last year I have made a very big effort to try to improve my skincare program. I read several reviews and blogs and blah blah blah and took a chance on this product. I have to say it is everything that it claims it can help with. I had already been doing a lot better routine in the morning and night so I can honestly say this serum has made a difference! My skin lots healthy and feels tighter. My husband and friends have actually commented on how much my skin has changed and how much younger it looks! I love it! I have since ordered more products from this company and I have no doubt they will work!

Great dupe serum

I love this serum. It sinks in super fast and layers well with other skincare. I was using the brand this product is a dupe for, and now I am a convert. Won't go back - I plan to repurchase. I invert and tap the bottom before each use and never have a problem with the pump. I use this every other morning alternating with another Reviv serum and my skin has improved.

Nice hydrating texture

This serum feels very hydrating and is plumping. Rubs in really nice. Will wait and see on the long term antiaging benefits.

Great Product!

This is a great product! I can really tell a difference in my skin. I will definitely repurchase this product again!

Hair strength better than before

Have been using this product for two months now.i am able to feel the hair is better and stronger than earlier. Earlier it used to be dull and thin. Now new hair strands till now, will use it for another couple of months and update.

Not sure yet

Only been using this for 2 months. It is too early to see any results, I’ll give this a go for another 4 month to see if I notice any progress.
I like that serum is not sticky and easy to apply.


I've been losing patches of hair all over my head due to toxic mold poisoning and an undiagnosed thyroid issue, gotta love alopecia) Needless to say I rarely went out in public and couldn't look in the mirror without crying(unlike most woman my hair has always been my favorite asset and would get compliments daily on it my while life(I'm now 45& my hairs been affected the last 5 years). I tried a few other serums but they'd regrow and then it would fall back out! So I did plenty of homework and decided to try this& OMG! I'm so glad I did! 🥲 I kid not, the bald patches started to regrow hair in less than 2 weeks with daily use! And I actually want to look in the mirror daily to see how much more it's filled in. I find myself constantly grabbing and twirling the hairs that have regrown behind my ears(that's where the biggest bald patches are and one side although growing is slower coming than the other areas, it's still growing so it's a win! I can't wait for the mask to be restocked so I can try that for the more stubborn areas. Plus I opted for the extra vials for grey removal, booster for the serum as well as them thickener &I used to have grey's here and there in the areas that are now regrowing and as my hair is regrowing I'm seeing absolutely no greys anymore. I'm gonna try using it on other areas that I have grey's and see off it'll make a difference. Thank you so much REVIV& Please don't stop making this product but try getting more in stock sooner! I see dermatologists saying all the time that serums don't work too regrow hair and I'm proof that SOME DO WORK! Oh yeah&Although I've had to go about 6 days without the product so far while awaiting my next shipment the hair isn't falling out again either! 💖

Slowly but surely

I’ve seen good results so far. You need to be consistent and patient, but it definitely has helped my lashes and brows.

New product purchase

I recently got this product and hoping to see results by using it continuously. Have heard some good feedback on this product from a friend.

1st week

I just began to use it….will keep taking photo and see whether the hair will get thicker and denser

Seems to be a good product

I haven’t been using it very long. But my skin seems to like it. We’ll see how it goes with longer consistent use

Great product

I have been using the serum for about 4 months. I added the DHT blocker the last two months and I am seeing more hair grow where there was none. It also makes my scalp feel good.. I was on Rogaine but was having issues with dry scalp and very little hair growing. I highly recommend that give Reviv serums a try, the only regret I have is I didn't try it sooner.
I finally found a natural serum that works. I will post photos at 6 months..

So far so good

I’ve only been using for a few weeks but so far I I’m liking it. I use
It with micro needling for deeper penetration.


This product works well and has great ingredients and would buy again.

Great misting serum essence

I love this mist. I am on my second bottle and have been using it with the booster snail secretion vial.
Don't let snail secretion scare you off - it's wonderful! Many of the REALLY expensive skincare brands are
including it in their formulations. I use the mist and then apply the serum. I am noticing a difference in my skin
after just one bottle. I'll definitely continue to use this as a vital part of my skin care regimen. Oh - and it's a
very affordable price as well!

Love this Serum

I have only been using this serum for a few weeks but my skin felt smoother and softer after the first use. Also, since this serum is so good to my skin there is no need for all the additional serums that I previously used, saving me time and money in the long run. I highly recommend this product.


My wife and I have been using RevivSerums for a little over a few months now and wow the results we have had are amazing. I’m starting to see some serious growth come back. I had Covid a year ago which led to a lot of hair loss for me, after trying so many products this is the one that actually works. And it’s not some shady website that says it’ll work and it doesn’t. Highly recommend it if you need help getting hair back!

Amazing products

I ordered this back in mid November and had to wait for about 3 wks to receive my order. May I say that the wait was totally worth it!
I’ve used the Skinceuticals TNS serum before and this is as amazing or better than TNS.
It has no scent and I’m truly enjoying the retinol and hyaluronic acid. I can’t wait to continue using it and see further positive results. To some this may be a pricey product. But, I believe it’s well worth with since it actually works. If I could have another product be introduced to this collection. It would be something for severely dehydrated mature skin. I need extra help in this category. Aside this, the products are phenomenal!

Great serum

Really nice serum!


All I can say is WOW. This set is soooo good. It takes years off your face. You can see results very quickly. I am 46 and it helps to improve skintone, texture, wrinkles and breakouts. Skin is hydrated and glowy. Love it and will repurchase.