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I decided to use the sample that came in the package of a product I ordered. I was a bit skeptical since I have sensitive skin. I cannot use products containing retinol To my surprise I had no negative reaction! My skin felt and looked great the next morning. I used up the sample in a couple of days and I was so impressed that I order the full bottle. A month has passed and the results are great. I use a moisturizer over it after it drys. I definitely recommend anyone to try it. I am sure you will love it!!!

Great Product that does what it’s supposed to do

My first purchase from Reviv was the Ultimate Serum and the HA7X. I’ve been very impressed with both products. The HA7X simply does what it’s supposed to do. Applies so easily and feels Silky smooth on the skin. Absorbs quickly and doesn’t leave behind any sticky residue. Skin is hydrated and “plump”. I dampen my finger to apply, which helps pull in additional moisture. If I want more hydration I follow the HA7X with a quality lightweight water based moisturizer. A little of this goes a long way, making it a very good value for a quality product.
This will remain a part of my everyday skin care regime!

Didn't work

It didn't work out for me. I'm disappointed 😞. I had high hopes for this serum.

Morice - Thank you for your comments and review. Tracking shows that you received your serum just over three weeks ago. We encourage you to continue with your serum, as consistency and patience are key in any hair loss regimen.
So Far So Good!

Let me start off by saying, I am a 56 year old male. As a whole, my skin care routine has been sporadic at best. Using various products haphazardly, then going long periods of time without using anything. Compounding that, I have been very much an outdoor person. Camping, hiking, golfing and an avid tournament fisherman for over 20 years. As a tournament fisherman, I spent about 85 days a year on the water. Of course, never using sunscreen. Considering this, I’ve been lucky my skin isn’t much worse than it actually is. However, with age came the wrinkles! Crows feet, deep forehead wrinkles, deep wrinkles between my brows, and fine lines on my temples and upper cheeks. Before starting with the Ultimate Serum I had started using a retinol moisturizer and a vitamin C, E and Ferulic acid serum. While these helped some, they were thick and oily. While researching serums & moisturizers I stumbled across Reviv and decided to give their products a try. My first order included the Ultimate Serum and HA7X. I’ve been using these two products for six weeks now and must say, I’m VERY impressed!
The Ultimate Serum feels amazing on my face! Smooth and doesn’t feel thick and oily like other products. Absorbs into the skin nicely and without a trace. Skin is much softer, even toned and radiant.
I have watched my fine lines disappearing with each passing week. There has been a significant improvement on my crows feet. The deep lines on my forehead and between my brows are slowly but surely improving. (The deeper lines on my forehead and between my brow are likely beyond what serums and moisturizers can completely fix. But There has been marked improvement after my first six weeks!) So far I’m beyond pleased with the progress thus far and look forward to additional progress in the upcoming months.
I’ve also just ordered and began using the Revivenol Serum, and am excited to see what additional benefits it brings to the table.
Needless to say, I’ll continue using Reviv ...

Helps reduce shedding

A very similar product is manufactured in the UK by chemist / hairdresser, Daniel Field. He has explained that the product should help stem hair shedding for male pattern hair loss. He recommends trying it for 1 year, but advises that it must then be used for the rest if your life. In about 1% of cases, hair should even grow back. Been using for 6 months and there is definitely far less shedding.

It is more effective for women, but this is the best there is for men.

Thanks for the review and comparison. FYI, the Daniel Field Hair Growth Active product contains a few of the botanicals, as well as copper peptide, found in RevivHair Max, but does not contain growth factors, hair-specific peptides, nor Redensyl. Regarding "lifetime use", note that RevivHair Max is not like minoxidil products where cessation would cause abrupt shedding or side effects. You would just notice a gradual return to the way your hair/scalp was before beginning usage. Think of it like brushing your teeth, or taking vitamins, as something you do daily for continued maintenance. You do things every day which prevent decline in your health and appearance.
Reviv stimulating serum

After using for 3 months, hair was fuller with less fallout. Also improved hair texture. Easy to apply.Will continue to use.

Placode booster

Too soon to tell whether the booster will produce results (2 weeks in). Using it with the serum. Not expecting dramatic results tbh. Good product / liquid consistency, absorbs quickly into scalp. Hint #1) Use 0.9ml only, daily. If you use the full 1ml you'll probably only have 0.5ml left at each day 6 (each vial has 6ml). This may be explained by the product that attaches to the small seringe. Hint #2) Once opened, the rubber top of the vial will easily pop, so be sure not to travel by airplane with already opened vials (the differences in pressure will give you a bad suprise: the content will spill all over!).

Thanks for the review, and the tips! Note that in actuality the individual 6 ml vials are purposefully overfilled just a bit. There is AT LEAST 6 ml in each vial, and in general about 6.15 ml. We overfill the vials because the product can cling to the inside of the glass container, making it appear that there is not enough product left on day 6. We recommend a complete daily dose of 1.0ml, but note the dosage doesn't need to be that exact. Regarding the travel issue, indeed the rubber stopper often doesn't seat completely after initial opening. If you'd like a travel vial container, just put a note in your shopping cart's 'Order Notes' box, the next time you order RevivHair Placode Booster Serum, and we'll be happy to supply a complimentary empty travel vial for your use that will travel better.
It works and works quickly

I’m normally skeptical about skin care products claiming quick results but Reviv Serums convinced me in less than ten days. I actually thought I saw results by day six but thought that might be my imagination. I wished I had thought to take before pictures so the result could speak for itself. I’ve always moisturized with a well known popular moisturizer and had been satisfied with the results.
All my life people have assumed I’m younger than
my real age. But after turning 60 two years ago I
began to notice changes to the skin on my neck.
A subtle “crepe” appearance that my regular moisturizer could not mask. I decided to try
something new and I was delighted to find
something that truly helped. HA7X gave me a noticeable improvement. At first I only used it on my neck but the results were so positive I have replaced my old moisturizer with HA7X as my facial moisturizer of choice. L.D.

The best

It's a 5 star from me because it's the best so far.

Excellent product

My skin feels softer and looks healthy after just a few days of use. Flaky red skin is healing perfectly.



Insane what this serum has done for my face! My red patches are gone, and I had pesky red bumps on my face that I could NOT get rid of - until I tried this stuff! After a week my skin was noticeably brighter, the red bumps were gone, and my red patches were gone. I am blown away!

Same as Latisse

If you're currently using Latisse and considering this serum just buy it! It works. It took a couple months to see results but the results are the same. I thought my lashes would look like crap for a bit stopping Latisse cold turkey and using the Revivlash but the transition was fairly smooth. I will definitely repurchase

Feels good

I really like that the serum cones in a diy kit so you can be sure the viramine-c is fresh and potent. I do not see any results, yet but did not expect so after just two weeks. It feels good on my skin. Bought it because of the good reviews of the scinceuticals serum. Looking forward to try more reviv skin care.

Great product!! I can definitely see improvement!

Too soon to tell - but worth a try

I've used the product about a month now and it's too soon to tell if there is any growth. The massive amounts of hair that were falling out have thankfully stopped. I am not sure if the serum is the cause or not; however, since there were no side effects, and it was easy enough to use, I am going to buy another bottle and hope that it starts to show results. My only real complaint would be with the application process. I paid the additional $3 for the spray bottle top and it didn't work. When I e-mailed customer service I didn't receive a response. Since it was only $3 I didn't follow-up again. I wouldn't have even mentioned it except for the fact I knocked over the bottle one day when applying and lost some of the product, which I found disappointing. If I would have had a working spray bottle that wouldn't have happened and I wouldn't have had to cleanup the wasted product from my counter top.

Thank you for review, and for mentioning your issue with the fine mist sprayer. Searching using the email address provided with your review, we do not find an email mentioning the problem. We respond promptly to all such queries, and aim for swift resolution and 100% exacting quality control. To eliminate the possibility that an air bubble has formed around the base of the pump's dip tube, or that a clog has formed, you might try the following: Tap the BOTTOM of the bottle into the palm of your opposite hand a few times, briskly. This might eliminate any bubble that might have formed at the bottom of the bottle around the dispenser tube intake. Then test the dispenser by pressing it 6 to 8 times, or until product dispenses. If that does not work, then try removing the dispenser and testing it with a glass full of distilled water, purified water, or rubbing alcohol to clear any potential clog. Press the sprayer, dispensing into a sink or lavatory, until you can tell if the sprayer is functioning. If it still works, then clear any remaining liquid, and return it to your serum bottle, making sure everything is still clean and sanitary. If you still find these technique doesn't work, then you may have a defective dispenser. We can quickly send you a replacement with our compliments, and apologies for the quality control issue. Hopefully you still have the original dropper dispenser that came with the product to use in the interim. If you don't mind first performing the quick tests, and letting us know your results? Thank you for your patience as we resolve this issue for you, and thank you for being our customer. [And apologies for the long single paragraph; the review widget automatically removes line breaks/carriage returns to save space..]
Fantastic Product!

Great product! I use it overnight and shampoo my hair in the morning. My hair and scalp feels great. It has a nice fragrance and helps new hair growth. It cleanses the follicle area. I love it!!!

Time needed. Too soon to give accurate feedback

I have been using the serum for only a few weeks therefore I. do not expect results so soon. I’m assuming that after a month or two, or three I will notice an improvement in the quality of my hair.

Top Notch Product

I'm very happy with this serum; in only two week so im seeing increased density of the hair at the scalp and body in the longer hair shaft, increased shine and strength and overall health of the hair. Very pleased, kudos on a great product, my only constructive feedback is this product should come in glass bottles. Thank you!

Not the same product

I have been using this product for two years with great results. It really helps to firm up the skin and diminish fine lines. The last bottle I received had a total different texture and color, it is white and more like a lotion than a serum.
I have notice my skin has become more pigmented since I started this new bottle also. I don’t know if the product has changed formulation or not but I am not happy with it. I called the day I received the product and the customer service rep said the difference in color had something to do with one of the ingredients.

Laura - Thanks for your review and comments. Ultimate Serum can vary in color just a bit, primarily because of the sea kelp bioferment which can range in hue from a light pink to a darker coral. When it is combined with other colored elements in the formula, the final result can vary between a creamy beige and a very light yellow, but it should not be completely white. Given your email address, I see that you also purchased HA7X Multi-Molecular Hydrator Serum at the same time. That product is a pearly white, and does not vary in hue. It also has more of a lotion-like texture, compared to Ultimate Serum.
10 weeks in

I like the serum - that it is not greasy or drying. It applies easily and blends in well. I think am starting to notice some new growth. I will review again after more time. Quick delivery.... So far so good!

Great product

Can't say yet if I have more hair as I've been using the product for just three weeks now, but it does give my hair a fuller look and makes it much easier to work with.
I was happy with it and bought a second one.
Both times the package arrived just a couple of days after my order.
The only downside is that I had to order another one after three weeks, I wish there was more in there... (I did apply is as directed).

No visable difference to TNS

I had been using the TNS essential serum for several years along with fillers. I had been going online to find it cheaper than through SkinMedica. I found the Reviv Ultimate serum while searching the web and decided to try it. I gave it a true side by side test for three months, dividing half of my face using TNS and half with Reviv Ultimate. I used a magnifying mirror to monitor changes, there was no difference between each half of my face. If there would have been any visible change in my skin texture, I would not have switched. So I have switched over to Reviv Ultimate and love it. .And of course the cost savings is also a plus

Comparable to Skin Medica HA5

After using both skin medica and revivlip serum, I can say that revivlip has a superior package/delivery system. Skin medica is a 2 step product vs revivlip’s 3 step product. I find the products to work identically with two major differences. Hands down revivlip is a better value as you get more product which dispenses easily minimizing waste. I would argue you easily get 50% more due the Skin Medica’s waste factor. That said, I don’t like the step one in this system that makes up the additional step in Revivlips product. It was too strong for my sensitive skin and caused extreme peeling , scaly lips...I would still give this product a 5 star.... for me it works great without the exfoliating step. It gives me that lush, plump look to the lips that I love.


I've been using Retin-A for years, but I could only tolerate using it a couple of times a week. Even with minimal use my face was red and flaky. I've been using Revivinol Serum for a month, twice a day, and have none of the negative effects like I did with Retin-A. The astonishing thing is I've noticed the brown spots on my face have reduced and the wrinkles around my mouth and eyes have softened. I'm thrilled!