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Great results!

I am very pleased with results after using my first bottle. I have new hair growth on the top and crown. My hair thinning and hairloss has been very traumatic to me over the years so I am thrilled to find something that works and I am glad I never gave up hope. This product has excellent ingredients!

RevivHair Stimulating Serum

Have only been using about 3 weeks but already notice a reduction in shedding. This is encouraging for more positive results with continued use.


Really love this product . Not a miracle but pretty close .



This stuff works!

The Lash & Brow serum really works! I even have noticeably thicker lower lashes, which I've never had before. I'll definitely be buying this again!

Delivery issue

Dear Sir/madam
I didn't receive my item till now. Could you please check this?

RevivHair 3 weeks in

This product is very easy to put on and doesn't leave an unmanageable residue. About 3 weeks in, I haven't seen any noticeable hair growth from once a day use, so I'm going to try using it twice a day. My hair does look thicker while I'm wearing it, and my hair loss has slowed down. I'm going to continue using it for a few months and then judge its results more thoroughly.

Lash serum

I saw no visible difference that the product worked at all.
As for the samples, their would not have been sufficient time to get any results because the amount given to try was insufficient.

Dorothy - Thank you sincerely for your feedback. I see that you received your order just on August 14th, which would have given you less than 3 weeks to try your new RevivLash Lash & Brow Stimulating Serum. While you should begin to see some results, as the product literature mentions, for best results apply for 6-8 weeks given lash growth cycles. Consistency is key. We pride ourselves on making sure our customers are so happy with our products and service, that we almost always get 5-star reviews. We're sorry that your experience led to leaving a 1-star review. Regarding the Deluxe Sample Set, the 5 mL samples can give you a very good idea of the serum’s feel, utility, scent, texture, etc. but since these are treatment serums and not simply cosmetics, their size is indeed not sufficient to achieve full results. A reminder that we have an ironclad 30-day money back guarantee on our full-sized products. Hope this additional information helps! Emily | Reviv Serums Customer Care
Glad I found Reviv

So far I am really loving the products. Using the microneedling roller is a must. I love how my skin has changed. It keeps getting better and better. I am anxious to see new products so keep developing cutting-edge serums.

It works!

It tingles, some days a lot, when I put it on, and it works great on my flabby arms and neck. I see improvement with less that 1/3 bottle.

5 star product

I love this product it really works!

Reviv Hair

I've been going through a period of increased shedding for about two months. I started using the Reviv Hair Stimulating serum about a month ago in hopes to speed up the growth process. Although the shedding hasn't subsided yet, there are many visible baby hairs growing around the front of my hairline. This is a great product and I will continue to buy and hopefully see more results.

growth serum

the serum feels soothing and makes my hair feel smoother and silky and thicker. It has taken some time but I am now seeing progress

still waiting

i havent recieved it yet

Reiew of RevivSerum

I have not yet seen a change. My bald spot is still bald with no new hairs showing. I am hoping to see a difference by the end of the next bottle I order.


RevivHair Stimulating Serum


From the moment I apply it to my face, I noticed immediate results.

Reviv serum

So far so good..... Sedimentary want to try more products

4 times the bargain....

I've used TNS for a few years and loved the results, but the price is RIDICULOUS.The Reviv Serum is twice the product for half the price. Been using for a month now and really like it - easier pump, better fragrance, just as effective and all for a much better price. Bravo!!!

Ha7X Multi-Molecular Serum

My first impression is that the serum gives me a shiny face . I also think that I have a less wrinkled face. I hope the serum will continue to do its lovely work!

Very Good Product

I have only used a short time but I do like how it makes my hair feel& look. I did feel however that it shortened the life span of my hair color. I also feel that the price is high for the amt of product purchased

I like using the products

I like using Reviv products for my thinning hair. The shampoo and conditioner are awesome. They make my hair appear thicker. I like all the thin applicators, which make it so easy to apply the products to my scalp.
My complaints are about the Placode Booster Serum. 1) The little bottles are supposed to have 6 ml in them. At least 2 of them only had about 3-4 ml in them. 2) When I draw the serum up carefully into the syringe, I noticed some spilling out the top of the syringe so I was losing some. I was wondering why I was not getting 6 "servings" per bottle, but only 4 or 5. So I have to buy some more to make up for the loss. 3) I cannot open those bottles at all. I have my husband do it with tools, and he has a difficult time with them. And he received a bad cut on his finger from doing so.
I am hoping that these products work. I have only been using them for 2 weeks so far, so I will have to wait and see the results.

Thanks for the great review, Sandra! Regarding the vial contents/quantity for RevivHair Placode Booster Serum, indeed each vial contains 6 mL of solution. The serum can cling to the inside of the vial somewhat, making the last bit sometimes difficult to extract, but otherwise you should find there is enough serum for 6 complete applications. The black plunger tip on the syringe is a 'no waste' style tip that contains a narrowed tip so that it dispenses the entire contents of the syringe with no dead space. You will want to make sure you are measuring correctly: the dose is measured from the widest portion of the plunger tip, not by the narrow end of the tip. Might this explain the discrepancy? The vials are sealed with a metal crimp collar, and they can be a bit tricky to open. It is helpful to have a small pair of pliers or other tool (although it is not necessary). You will want to insure that you follow the opening instructions completely, pulling the tab down the side of the vial until the crimped metal seal is broken. Again, thank you for the great feedback, and thank you for being our customer!
Review of HA7X

I am pleased to date with this product. I am planning on continuing to use it.

Seems good so far

Been using for a month, hair feels healthier

how many months?

Hi, I have been using the hair serum for 3 months. i didn't loose any hair but i don't see any improvements.

So far so good

Been using the stimulating serum for a couple weeks now and have definitely had a reduction in hair fall. This stuff seems a lot more promising than many other minox alternatives. Hoping to start seeing regrowth, will report back if so. And for those as skeptical as me, I assure you this is a real review

Big difference!

After about 3/4 the bottle used, my thinning has stopped completely and I can a lttle regrowth! I just cut my hair shorter, after I noticed a good amount of extra volume. I highly recommend this product.


My skin looks great - it got a great start with the treatment and then continued to look great over time with this product. I have been using this for a month and I get compliments on my skin all the time

Placode Booster

I haven't seen any results from the product however it is intended to be used quarterly during a year and this was my first time to use it. I felt the recommended daily application of 1 ML doesn't allow you to cover much area. If you are looking for a spot treatment I think it would be fine, but not enough to apply to the entire scalp. I have no bald spots and was looking for a treatment I can use all over to improve my hair. The service with Revive Serum is responsive and they are very knowledgeable about the product.

Placode - Take Two

I tried the Placode Booster Serium some time ago and while I liked the immediate effects - I just wasn't sure there were any long term effects to be had. To confound things, the claims (including rather unscientificly drawn graphics) lead me to think it was more snake oil than science.

Well, I'm back. Why you may ask? Well, for one thing Reviv may have read my review as they have sharpened up both the written claims as well as the charts and graphs to feel more honest and genuine. I also like the way it makes my hair look and feel. It seems like a worthy addition to the Reviv Stimulating Serium.

Time will tell how this product works but for now I'm feeling hopeful about both these Reviv products.

placard booster serum

good quality product goes on easily too early to see any results yet

Super awesome products..

Massive crazy results.

A proven winner

Ok, so if you are expecting overnight miracles you'll probably be disappointed. But if you are looking for a product based on solid science - you may be on the right track. Obviously results will be different for everyone. For me, it has really helped reduce hair fallout. It has also strengthened the hair I have. Has it given me back I have the hair I had as a teenager? Don't be silly. Still - I'm happy with what it does for me.

I'm a big fan of not only this product - but the whole range of hair products from Reviv. I think you will be a fan too - if you have realistic expectations that is...

Review of Placode Booster

I am keeping the hair that I have, although there is no regrowth.

Hair growing again!!!

Onky my frist bottle, reordering another right now. I really think that this product works!!! Using 2x a day and noticing a HUGE DIFFERENCE, MY HAIR HAS BARELY GROWN IN 2 YEARS. And noe its RAPIDLY growing again.


I am sold. I have definitely seen an Improvement in the lines on my face, and what clinched it for me was, OTHER PEOPLE noticed as well. I've actually had some who asked what I was doing, as it was obvious I WAS doing something. I will definitely repurchase.


Have been very satisfied with the quality of your products.

I'm Gwen and I'm skin care junkie -- I've tried everything on the market, I mean everything!

I've been using RevivSerum for over 3 years and since jumping into this product line I don't use anything else. Currently I'm using HA7X, and what I love about this product is I don't have to use anything else with it. In the past I would layer up on products because they each had their own benefit, but with HA7X I don't have to because it includes everything my skin needs to stay as young looking as possible. Recently I had someone ask m e how old I was and when I said 60, they were blown away, they thought I was in my forties. I'm loving that!!

I've been using RevivSerum for over 3 years

Customer service has help me come up with a customized regime that has improved my skin. Right now I'm concentrating on reducing the brown spots on my hands and face. Along with a good sunscreen and the Phloretin Serum the brown spots are little-by-little fading and under control.

Cant tell if it works but...

Super light weight, impressive ingredients

Sample got me to purchase

Thank you for sending this as a sample, otherwise I do not think I would have tried it on my own. I have very sensitive skin, and break out easily, but I haven’t had any breakouts or problems with HA7X. It really moisturizes my skin, and after 3 months it has made a great difference. I now use it twice a aday, because I can tell when I do not use it. My skin is so much more supple and wrinkle-free, and certainly less red. And maybe even less stressed looking, since that is supposed to be one of the benefits. I am ordering another one so I always have a supply.

Good product

The ingredients are great and even though it's too soon to tell if it works, it appears it may. However, the application is a little difficult/tedious. But that would be the only way to apply it I guess.

Great stuff

Had run of telomerase serum but had lots of ultimate serum left. Skin not quite the same without it. Now back on and skin is looking better already

Very good serum

Skin feels and looks soft, smooth and firmed


My brows had become very sparce so I decided to give this a try. There seems to be some growth but not as much as I had hoped for. I have been using it less that a month but considering continued treatment just to seee what might happen.

3 star

RevivHair Stimulating Serum

Great customer service

Pleased with product and very pleased with customer service

Excellent product

The best treatment for hair with growth factors


I've been using this product for about 3 months and my hair has thickened and seems to be filling in more. I like that it doesn't make my hair feel heavy or oily and has a nice smell.

Made a believer out of me!

I received the serum as a sample, and after trying, I am hooked. I will definitely be ordering it again. My skin feels so silky smooth, moisturized, and plump, and it is great for my oily skin. Just a little bit goes a long way, and my lines are not as deep and are less visible. Give it a try, it's all about the skincare girls (and boys), and you cannot beat the price especially in comparison to the Skin Medica product.