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Using religiously

I've been using this for a little over a month and its probably too soon to note a difference in my hair. But I am impressed by the ingredients and am committed to using RevivHair for a full six months, which is why I'm about to purchase the large bottle. Wish me luck!

Three Weeks Usage - Softer Skin, No Anti-Aging Visible Yet

I've been using Reviv Ultimate Serum for 3 weeks. My skin feels soft and hydrated when I use the serum, but I don't see any anti-aging (wrinkles / sagging) effects yet. I will come back and review after 2 months use to provide an update and photos from before and after.

So far so good

Quick shipping, professional product, easy to use.

I'm very curious about the results and will post photos if it works.

Good start, seems to be beneficial

My Minoxidil Substitute/Alternative!

This formula targets so many different pathways! I spent great deal (months) trying to find a proper Minoxidil substitute (can't use due side effects) and I ended up with RevivSerum + Greyverse/Darkenyl and plan to sticking to it long term.

No before & after picture because I've been using Finasteride/Stemoxydine combo (can't pinpoint what's doing what, so wouldn't be fair).

Not only is the ingredient list so elaborate (every single ingredient has science to it) but they use clinical dosages so you know you are getting high amounts of active ingredients and no diluted bullshit. They are very transparent with the product, dosages etc. No deception. I like the spray mist pump too because it makes it spread evenly all over the scalp. I notice no side effects using this product.

Thanks RevivSerums!

It works

I'm amazed. I was very skeptical that a product that doesn't include the active ingredient in Latisse could help, but this worked -- and fast! Brows and lashes look much better after a few weeks' use.

Great Product

Very effective product. will continue to use.

Lash serum

The RevivLash serum is an excellent product, goes on nicely and am seeing results after a couple of weeks. I am enjoying all the Reviv products that I have purchased.

Purchasing again

I’ve used RevivLash for one month. Noticing lash length and fullness to be improving. Definitely purchasing again.

Amazing serum

I got the Reviv ultimate serum a few weeks ago because I saw a blogger on Youtube recommending this product and I am so glad that I did because is amazing, I love the ingredients specially the grow factors,
peptides and phytostem cells. it has a nice consistency and spread easily, no strong smell. After using the serum for a few weeks I can see and improvement on my skin texture and pigmentation,
it is a very important step on my skin routine, I use it morning and night and I will repurchase it again.

Getting clearer

I have never been able to use serums with retinol and this has been a product that doesn’t irritate my skin. It’s light and has been helping repair some of the damage my skin has accrued through the years

Thank you for your great review! Just to clarify, Ultimate Serum does not contain a retinol, but can be readily layered with any retinol or retinoid.

Quality product

I am unable to use products with prostaglandins since I have glaucoma and was taken off of Lumigan due to side effects. MD would not prescribe Latisse either. My lashes have never been impressive and due to my age (70), my lateral brows had disappeared. I have been using this product for 6 weeks with some brow growth noted. Brow hair has never been dark and is coming in light. My poor lashes are finally noticeable. Darker and longer for sure, as well as curling upward. Please be patient and results will come. RevivLash is a professional product packed with great ingredients. I will be ordering again soon.

I think it’s working

Arrived quickly and applies well, not greasy. I use this on my temples and hairline and after a few bottles I see little hairs. I think it needs more time.

Keep what I have

I have no illusions that any product will magically sprout a load of new hair growth. I have thinning hair and am happy to just keep what I have. And Reviv Serum does a very good job of achieving this.

New hair growth

This really works. I use it everyday whether I wash my hair or not. My stylist noticed new growth. She said there was hair growing in the back that was not colored so she knew it was new growth.
My hair feels amazing and I notice very little fall out.
This has been the most cost effective way to keep hair growing as no special shampoo/conditioner is needed which can cost a fortune.

Try it!!

It’s a wonderful serum with great ingredients. I pair it at night with my Retinol. I’m giving my skin the treatment it needs and it shows.

Better than TNS

I’ve used TNS for over six years now and switched to Reviv just for the price. But between TNS being more than twice the reviv price and the TNS dispenser almost never functioning properly, I’ve become a Reviv devote. The dispenser for Reviv works way better than TNS- and produces the active ingredients at double the pump comparatively. The results are the same or better in my opinion. I’ll never go back to paying more than double for the same active ingredients and my skin continues to look great with daily Reviv use. I’m 57 but peopl generally think I’m in my early 40’s. Thanks Reviv!

On the fence

I’m on my second Reviv, and the verdict is still out on its effectiveness. I’m a little disappointed after all these rave reviews that I am not getting the same results. Makes me a little suspicious that the reviews are manipulated in some way. I’ll finish this last bottle and determine if I will continue with it.

Ultimate serum

This serum has a deck full of amazing ingredients for the skin. My combination skin loves it. The serum is light , spreads easily, and absorbs beautifully. It incorporates well with my other skin care products, and II use this serum morning and night after toner . The only thing is you cannot see the remaining product from the bottle so it's a guessing game as when to order another bottle.

Love it so far!

I feel like this works just as well as TNS for much cheaper! Switching from TNS to this, I see no decline in my skin. One piece of advice if your serums are not pumping out equally out of both sides, store the bottle upside down. This happened to me with the TNS as well as this serum, but keeping the bottle upside down fixes it!

Wonderful feel and serum

The scalp masque feels great. It is pearly white, non-smelly, non-greasy, and cooling on your scalp (see video). I'm surprised by how clean and non-messy it is. Feel great wearing for 20 min.

Love this serum!

I really love this serum and it’s been a great addition to my skincare routine! I can really see a more even tone and my skin just looks better. My friends even recently asked me what I have been doing! I don’t want to run out and since it took a while to arrive I’m going to order again today! I’ can’t wait to see my skin in a few months after a couple bottles of this serum.


I am so break out prone and my skin loves this. I switched from skin ceuticals and was happier with both the price and the results- I’ve been using consistently for 5 months!


I have purchased for the first time. reached on time. Very good & safe packing. I had done extensive research & could not find any better product ingredient wise anywhere else. There is Saw palm, Grape seed, Fo-ti apart from Redensyl Procapil & Capixyl. But the co should also add Rosemary, Aloevera ,Pumpkin seeds & the revered Amla fruit extract also. I have started applying for only last 10 days and will write a second review later.