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I was going to give a 2-star review because the brow and lash serum grew A FEW new hairs back in part of my eyebrows but not others, which was disappointing. I still had bare patches after 8 weeks of daily effort. When I grew lack-luster about application due to my poor results, and when I got over-run with other demands in my life -- I went four days without applying the serum. What happened was a huge amount of hairs fell out of my eyebrows all at once, leaving me with about 1/3 of my left eyebrow bare and about 1/3 of my right eyebrow almost bare. I AM NOT HAPPY.
My eyelashes filled in so scantily that is really did not make much of a difference. More than a waste of money, I feel the serum was in the end, damaging. I will be switching to a peptide-based hair serum with hopes of fixing my now-terrible looking brows and lashes. I will be asking for a refund and expect to see this review left up for others to see.

So sorry to hear about your experience! Note there is absolutely nothing in RevivLash Lash & Brow Stimulating Serum that could or would cause any sort of accelerated shedding, including upon cessation.

We do not delete reviews, and our review posts are moderated by to insure consumer confidence. You can see from the many 5-star reviews that most all typical users get great results. In fact, there have been no formal reported cessation side effects with RevivLash.

Note that RevivLash IS in fact a 'peptide serum'. We would strongly encourage investigating other causes of such loss; you mention having bare patches before starting use.

Note that brow and lash follicles have a very short anagen / growth phase of only about 30-45 days, which is why they are shorter than scalp hair. Approximately 60-80% of the eyelashes / eyebrows are in this growth phase. The telogen / loss phase lasts 2 to 3 weeks. The entire duration of cycle for eyelashes and brows is 3-4 months. If you use a growth regulator (off-label) like minoxidil, you could experience larger sheds since more hairs are synced up into the same phase, but that is not at all a side effect with RevivLash since it does not contain such growth regulating ingredients.

Very good

This review comes after the second bottle. I am 53. I have observed smoother skin ... less fine lines and more hydrated. My skincare steps are many and adding this serum was a definite plus. I will be ordering my third bottle.

Fantastic results!

I’ve been using this 36% vitamin c serum for a few weeks and let me tell you I notice a difference in my glow and even tone since I started! Can’t wait to see after years of use! Pics below are sans makeup and on 4 hours sleep on a sunrise hike ;) I’m 41 and live in AZ so very dry climate

Wasn’t expecting…

I used to use the skinceuticals TNS serum, but hated the scent. I decided to give Revivserums a try and am loving it. It’s very moisturizing and I can see my skin improving and not being so dry. I just purchased my second bottle, and can’t wait for the results to keep getting better. Thank you Revivserums!

Still on the first bottle

I've only been using the serum for about 3 weeks, so I don't know how well it is working yet. I opted for the sprayer to cover a larger area of my scalp. I like how it dries quickly and doesn't leave my hair greasy. My fingers are crossed that it will slow down the shedding. I have tried so many other products, that I'm getting very discouraged. My fingers are crossed that this will work!

So shiny

Haven't noticed it helping growth but I have notices so much less frizz and my hair is incredibly shiny and smooth, will purchase again.


I have bought this several times in the past and continue to buy it because it makes my 69 year old skin feel soft and softens my lines. Additionally it really helps with dryness and irritation as I am a Retin A user.

Awesome GF

This the first product that made my fine lines less visible, gave me a little lift and added suppleness to my face. I have used 2 bottles so far and will continue to use it. Thanks Reviv.

Awesome Product!!

I love this serum!! I originally bought it because I was to cheap to buy the TNS serum and I don’t regret it one bit!! I love it so much I ordered another bottle a little over a week after receiving my first bottle. The serum goes on very lightly, it doesn’t have that greasy or caked on feeling some serums have and it makes my skin look and feel great!! But even more than the product the customer service is top notch!! I have e-mailed them so many questions about how to best use the serum, what I can and can’t use with it and how to incorporate it into my routine. They always get back to me very quickly with great answers. I have only been using it for about a month and already my skin looks better, my lines are less pronounced and my pores are shrinking. Thank you Reviv Serums!!

Obsessed with this product.

Love, love, love it. I just purchased more before running out. Short term it gives such a nice glow to the face, and super soft. Longer term it is helping to reduce my fine lines.

Good, Not Great

The shampoo/conditioner works well, but for how expensive it is I was hoping it’d work better. I need to use a lot of the shampoo in particular to get the same results as my previous one. I will probably switch back to my old brand once I run out of these. My old brand was about two dollars an ounce and works about as well.

Thank you for your review! Of course, RevivHair Hair Stimulating Shampoo is primarily a treatment product, not just a regular shampoo, and the hair stimulating ingredients included are not inexpensive (especially ones like liposomal melatonin, AnaGain, probiotic technology, etc.). At a generous 8 oz size, it compares very favorably in price to its hair stimulating shampoo competitors.

Helped lessen facial redness

-Very concentrated formula= noticeably more even skin tone when used one every 3 days
-Helped reduce facial redness

I have very sensitive skin and sometimes this formula burns a bit.
Occasionally my face turns red and splotchy immediately after use

Excellent dupe for far more costly growth factor serums.

Have been using Reviv Ultimate serum for the past three months for once a day and am noticing smoother skin texture. Face, neck and chest have improved with fewer fine lines and less crepey skin. And really a great price for a 1.7oz. bottle of serum--a third of the cost of other growth factor serums and nearly double the quantity!

Can't use it, so I don't know

I was really looking forward to using this product. Unfortunately it has HA and I can't do HA. So I don't know if it works for me or not, therefore, i'm giving it a mid-range rating.
However, I love, love, love Reviv-C! I think it's the best vitamin C product on the market and I've used the good pricey vitamin C products from another brand. Reviv C is now a staple in my skin care routine.

To clarify, Ultimate Serum primarily contains a thickener and texturizing ingredient called caesalpinia spinosa (tara) gum, which is a polysaccharide. It also contain a small amount of sodium hyaluronate, a humectant. It is definitely worth trying, even if you are adverse to using hyaluronic acid products. It would not be classified as a hyaluronic acid product.

lash serum

serum arrived on time. easy to use. dont see results yet but have only been using it for 3 weeks. will keep on using

Worth it

Just bare with the delays, it’s worth it. Make sure you read the instructions. I feel my skin is definitely improving and looking brighter

Shampoo and cream rinse

Great product. My hair is thankful!

Great Product

This product is worth the time & effort. But now! Leaves my skin even textured, bright, and plump.

This Serum Is Strong.

I really wanted to like this serum because it has a lot of really great sounding actives and ingredients, but my skin couldn't handle it at all. The serum is lightweight, yet moisturizing and is quickly absorbed into the skin. At first it made my face look really plump and the texture of my skin was amazing, but it simultaneously tore my skin up just like retinol. I have dry skin. After a month of use my skin was super dry, all other products burned - even hyaluronic acid or oil and I have discoloration all over my face. I work from home and do not go outside. I have discoloration even on places where I didn't have it before. My skin did not peel, but it was raw and burned. It took me a while to figure out that it was this serum. Now my skin is healing, but still pretty mottled. I have been using lighteners so the spots have faded a bit, but I can still see them. I even tried to apply Revivinol only a few times a week over my moisturizer with other skincare layered underneath and it still tore my skin up. It is too strong for me. I think this might work for me if it had either Sytenol A OR Dermapep A350, but not both together. If your skin is dry, darker, or you think you may be sensitive - then I recommend using this as you would a retinol - one day per week and then building slowly over time to see how your skin responds. I am going to use this on my body to use it up. It didn't do this to my hands so I will use it there.

Nice volume

This shampoo gives a nice lather and volume to the hair. Not overly drying. Can’t say about hair loss for sure, but loss hasn’t increased.

Love the serum

I have been using this serum for about a month and see a positive change in my skin! Since I started using it I haven’t had single breakout. I love the serum.

My hair is nice and full with minimal shedding.

Great product

When I started using I didn’t notice much change but as you use regularly (every day), it is definitely doing something to my skin. I can see my skin is brighter and pigmentation are gradually disappearing. Love it, you will use one bottle for long time!

Great serum

I love this serum. My skin looks more even toned and smoother.

Great growth factor serum!

Great results! This product is as good as or better than any other growth factor serum on the market. Even the ones that charge 3 times as much! Plus the customer service with Reviv is excellent. This is definitely my go-to brand and I’m so glad to have found them.