Interior Design for your skin and hair | nutritional products can work from the inside out to improve the dermis and follicles

Skin and hair wellness is more than just taking care of your outward appearance, although that's important of course. We at believe it also has a lot to do with what you put in your body. Nutritional products can help improve and beautify skin and hair from the inside out.

Excerpts from a great article on the subject from our friends at Happi:

Açai berries are said to prevent premature aging and wrinkles. Turmeric has anti-inflammatory benefits due to a high concentration of the antioxidant curcumin. Mushrooms are utilized in various formulations to help heal wounds.

Increasingly, the beauty industry is acknowledging the benefits of “inside out” nutritional products. In Hollywood, celebrities like Gwyneth Paltrow, Kourtney Kardashian and Jennifer Aniston are said to be proponents of skin supplementation.

In 2014, the total beauty from within category (nutricosmetics) totaled $325.9 million in sales, according to recent data from Euromonitor. Beauty from within beverages accounted for $270 million in sales, while beauty from within packaged foods brought in $55.9 million in sales.
Foti noted that DHA is one of the most sought after nutrients promising glowing beauty, among other health benefits. It is found in fatty fish oil such as salmon and mackerel, and is said to improve acne and eczema. Primrose oil, which is extracted from the seeds of an African native wild flower, has also been found to enhance skin health, she told Happi.

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