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Surgical and medspa procedures - a replacement for good skincare?

Written By: The Serum Guru

Surgical procedures do not address the quality of the skin. That's why you need an ongoing topical regimen. Otherwise you won't look "right;" you'll just look "done."

An "outside-in" approach, combined with an "inside-out" regimen, will yield the best results:

Inside out: diet, exercise, nutritional supplements, sleep, self-confidence

Outside in: topicals like RevivSerums, sunscreen, no smoking, drink plenty of water, minimize alcohol consumption

Rather than accept unhealthy, damaged skin, up the anty with one or more of our glow-enhancing products. has great solutions for skin wellness. Our Resurfacing Serum contains novel large-molecule alpha hydroxy acids which can dramatically lessen the appearance of age spots and a mottled complexion. Our Phloretin Serum with Ferulic and Alpha Lipoic Acid works great on aging skin, especially during daytime sun exposure. And our Ultimate Serum is indeed the ultimate for a clear, even complexion and superbly healthy skin.

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