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Why "all-in-one" skin care products are a misnomer

Written By: The Serum Guru

There is really no such thing as an "all-in-one" skincare product. Not possible. Most ingredients require a certain volume to be considered "active" -- especially alpha hydroxy acids, sunscreens, retinoids, etc. You can only add so many of these active ingredients before everything starts to get diluted, and thus ineffective.


The exceptions? Certain actives like peptides, growth factors and stem cells. Such ingredients are measured in micrograms -- a unit of mass equal to one millionth of a gram -- and little volume is required for such ingredients to be very effective. That's why, for example, we're able to "shove" the top 23 primary ingredients of TNS Essential Serum® into Reviv Serums Ultimate Serum AND leapfrog that formula by also including hexapeptides and stem cells.


While we wish we could provide a product that contained a sunscreen, antioxidants, glycolic acid, emollients, redness reducer, wrinkle filler, anti-inflammatory, etc. -- it's not practical or possible. Be skeptical of the efficacy of any product that portrays itself to do it all.

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