About our packaging: functional, attractive but not overbuilt

Woman looking at packaging

While our serums are bottled in good-looking and functional treatment pumps and bottles, we don't use fancy glass containers or customized metallic decorative do-dads.

We like to use PET recyclable plastic bottles because they're chemically-resistant, yet not too heavy to add substantially to shipping costs. It save you money.

We understand the desire for glass packaging. We love glass as well, but of course glass is much more fragile, heavier, and more expensive.

We've chosen to package our serums in safe, shatterproof, cost-effective, and environmentally friendly PET plastic bottles, which are approved as safe by the FDA and the International Life Sciences Institute (ILSI). They do not contain BPA.

ANY leaching from the bottle would occur ONLY over a very, very long period of time, and ONLY if the bottle is reused.

We also sell each serum in an ounce-volume that should last a few months, and not require any extra packaging to keep it safe until you fully use it.Plus we want to encourage you to use our serums with consistency and frequency, and not let them sit on the shelf for years at a time. Your hair and skin will thank you.

We also like to use non-opaque bottles so you can see exactly how much product you're getting, and when you're beginning to run low. You would be surprised to disassemble some of our competitors' high-end packaging to find a tiny inner container, and plenty of product left over in what seems to be an "empty" bottle. Simpler is better, and greener!

More about PET here: