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Try some of our most popular serums. They'll give you an idea of their texture, look, feel, scent and initial efficacy before purchasing a full-sized product. Set components: Ultimate Serum with...
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Try some of our most popular serums. They'll give you an idea of their texture, look, feel, scent and initial efficacy before purchasing a full-sized product.

Set components:

Ultimate Serum with Stem Cells, Growth Factors and Peptides

Reviv-C 36% Vitamin C Serum with Phloretin and Ferulic Acid

RevivHair™ Max Hair Stimulating Serum with 5% Redensyl®, Stem Cells, KGF and Peptides


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Customer Reviews

Based on 45 reviews
So far so good!

I have been mostly trying out the Ultimate Serum, it has thick consistency and absorbs really fast. I love the way my face looks every morning after using this product! I’m considering buying the full size now!

Best products! Best Customer Service!

I just discovered RevivSerums products a few weeks ago but almost immediately I noticed a big improvement in my skin. Softer and smoother. More supple, hydrated without any sticky or greasy feel. They feel fantastic on my skin. I'm using the Reviv C every morning and both the Ultimate Serum and the TelomErase every night. I also use the Reviv Hair Max every night. Too early to comment on results with the hair product. But I have high hopes. This sample pack is great for traveling. Also makes a wonderful stocking stuffer or token gift.
Great customer service. Very easy to get a hold of (thank you, Chat!). Free samples with every order. Quick shipping. Real class act!
I highly recommend RevivSerums!

This is great serum!

I was looking for a less expensive version of the skinmedica TSN and came across the Reviv Ultimate Serum. I purchase the sample pack that includes Reviv-C and Reviv-Hair max. I really like all these serums. The Ultimate Serum calmed the redness in my cheeks and cleared up any acne that my mask-wearing was causing. My skin is fairly sensitive and the serum caused no issues. I've actually been able to use the Reviv-C every few days without a problem. My skin looks brighter! Now that my samples are just about empty, I'm ready to order the full sized version of these serums. As for the Reviv-hair serum, I'm surprised to say that even though the serum itself feels oily, it didn't look that way once rubbed into my scalp. I've only used it a few times and I'm not sure what to expect. I'll use up my sample and see what happens. Thanks Reviv for offering these sample sized items. The samples are generously sized and will allow you to try and product for a few weeks. I highly recommend.

Sample kit

Great way to try out new products at low cost. Thank you Reviv Serums!

Happy with my trial size package.

The trial size package gives you a generous amount (about 2 weeks worth if used sparingly) of 3 types of serums. I can't find fault with any of them. Although 2 weeks is not enough time to judge results, it does let you know whether or not you like the feel of the products, and whether or not there will be sensitivity issues. For me, everything went well. I used the Ultimate Serum in the evening and alternated every other night with the Vitamin C Serum, following up each with a moisturizer. When I first applied the Vitamin C Serum, I thought it seemed a little oily, but was pleasantly surprised when it absorbed quickly and never caused a bit of irritation. I used the RevivHair on my eyebrows, applying it with a small brush. This too absorbs into the skin very nicely. I am so thankful these trial size products are being made available at very low cost. In the past, I have paid big bucks for a new product only to find that my skin simply could not tolerate it. But you really can't go wrong with Reviv Serums trial package. I highly recommend it.

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