The One Skincare Step Most People Forget Can Cause Thinning Hair

Guy covering up his scalp with hoodie

It's well-known that poor nutrition, hormone imbalances, stress, and traumatic events can all cause hair thinning. However, there’s one trigger for hair loss that’s often overlooked: scalp health. In fact, many experts feel that caring for the scalp should be a priority in the same way that caring for facial skin is—as an essential part of our daily routine. “Just like you need a skin care routine, you need a scalp care routine,” affirms New York dermatologist Ilyse Lefkowicz, MD. Unfortunately, the consequences of neglecting your scalp are much more severe than most of us would guess, with hair thinning, breakage and even loss topping the list.

“Because the scalp is the starting point by which your hair grows, the quality of your hair is a manifestation of the health of your scalp,” says Dr. Lefkowicz. “Any debris, oil, sebum and sweat on your head can prevent you from growing healthy hair.” Translation: Thick, strong hair will grow from a healthy, well-hydrated scalp. However, a dry, flakey scalp will produce poor quality hair strands that could leave you more likely to experience hair loss due to breakage.

“If you have an unhealthy scalp with flaking, itchiness and dryness, there’s oxidative stress [on the scalp], which results in unhealthy hair emerging from the scalp,” clarifies Dr. Lefkowicz. These weaker hair strands growing from the scalp ultimately experience breakage, which can be the first step to hair loss. “When the scalp skin is under a high level of oxidative stress, the protein bonds can break and the lipid structure of the hair can be damaged, impacting the quality of growing hair as it matures within the follicle.”

Luckily, one of the best ways to ensure that hair grows strong and healthy lies in the drugstore. Dr. Lefkowicz recommends using a scalp protective product like Head & Shoulders Smooth & Silky Shampoo ($7) because it rejuvenates, detoxifies and moisturizes the hair and scalp, creating a healthier foundation for more resilient hair. And for an added boost, Greenwich, CT dermatologist Mitchell Ross, MD recommends using supplements to promote hair growth.

— Excerpted from New Beauty Magazine

We’d also add that utilizing RevivScalp Rejuvenating Scalp Serum Masque prior to shampooing can dramatically help with the appearance of oily flakes, scalp hypersensitivity, itching, stinging, and irritation.

RevivScalp™ also target the visible effects of 5-alpha-reductase II, the signaling molecule that causes hair loss. Its ingredients also address scalp odors and oiliness. Gently exfoliating, it can also encourage micro-circulation and a healthy supply of oxygen to the scalp. It can help increase penetration of actives to the hair follicle and fight hair loss. It adds smoothness, volume, conditioning and strength to hair, and helps fine, thin hair to look, feel and behave like naturally full, thick hair. Suitable for both men and women, and for use on color treated and chemically processed hair.

In a 21-day, 22-person consumer study of RevivScalp: 95% agreed that their scalp felt healthier; 86% felt that their hair was stronger or healthier; 82% agreed that their hair was thicker or more dense.

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