Reviv-C and Skin Homeostasis Under the Mask

N95 mask wearer

Our newest serum, Reviv-C 36% Vitamin C Serum with Phoretin and Ferulic Acid (listed here), can be a helpful adjunct skin therapy when having to wear a protective face mask and wash hands frequently during this restive time. It's all about maintaining skin "homeostasis."

Skin functions in homeostasis include protection, regulation of body temperature, sensory reception, water balance, synthesis of vitamins and hormones, and absorption of materials.

A new treatise from our colleagues at CORUM, makers of Et-VC — the patented ethylated ascorbic acid found in Reviv-C Serum — shows why.

Excerpts below:

A Key Active to Restore Skin Homeostasis Under the Mask

With the new coronavirus disease (COVID-19) spreading rapidly around the world, although still controversial in some countries, many have already resorted to wearing protective masks on top of frequent handwashing and use of hand sanitizer as an integrated measure to protect against this acute respiratory infection; however, wearing medical masks all day and excessive exposure to disinfectant disrupt the skin homeostasis, leaving the skin dry, irritated and, in severe case, eventually inducing sensitized skin.

...Et-VC™ (INCI: 3-O ethyl ascorbic acid) enhances skin hydration and suppleness with its patented HA (Hyaluronic Acid) boosting property and promotes the integrity of stratum corneum by upregulating c, a key protein responsible for the production of NMF (Natural Moisturizing Factor)...

Et-VC is a stable water-soluble vitamin C derivative, not only highly efficacious in protecting the skin against harmful endogenous and exogeneous factors but also proven and patented to effectively promote the hyaluronic acid level, which in turn help increase skin moisture and suppleness. Further study also demonstrated that Et-VC can significantly upregulate filaggrin protein expression in both normal skin and blue light damaged skin. Furthermore, the two filaggrin processing enzymes, Bleomycin Hydrolase (BLMH) and Calpain 1 (CAPN1), which are involved in filaggrin degradation to synthesize NMF are shown to be upregulated by Et-VC (Figure 1).

Now that wearing a protective mask all day has become inevitable, it is even more important for us to timely moisturize and recover our skin homeostasis in order to kick skin dryness and irritation to the curb during this critical time.

Skin Homeostasis and Et-VC


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