Why we put PhytoCellTec™ Malus stem cells in RevivHair Max Hair Stimulating Serum

We use novel PhytoCellTec Malus stem cells in our RevivHair Max Hair Stimulating Serum to target the process of postponing follicle aging. Here's an article from SOFW Journal that describes a scientific study which shows this ingredient "was found to slightly but clearly postpone senescence- and apoptosis-induced necrosis."

PhytoCellTec™ Malus Domestica Study results
Age-Delaying Effect on Human Hair Follicles

Human hair follicles can be isolated by microdissection from skin fragments that are left after facelift surgery. Only follicles in the anagen phase are collected. Hair follicles are mini organs that represent a natural coculture model of epidermal and melanocyte stem cells and differentiated cells. The follicles can be maintained in a growth medium where they elongate until about day 14. Then the follicle cells gradually become senescent or undergo apoptosis which is a programmed cell death. Because of the lack of blood circulation, isolated hair follicles cannot be kept alive and growing for a longer period. But isolated hair follicles are test models to screen for actives that can delay the necrosis process. Addition of 0.2% of an extract of Uttwiler Spätlauber stem cells was found to slightly but clearly postpone senescence- and apoptosis-induced necrosis. Fig. 6 shows that follicles kept in presence of the Uttwiler Spätlauber stem cell extract continued to elongate until day 18, whereas the control follicles started to shrink after day 14.



Proven efficacy

In vitro

  • Increases the colony forming efficiency of epidermal stem cells
  • Maintenance of dermal stem cell characteristics
  • Maintenance of regenerative potential of keratinocytes in hair follicles
  • Age-delaying effect on isolated hair follicles
  • Increases lifespan/growth phase of isolated hair follicle

In vivo

  • Reduction of hair loss
  • Increase in hair density

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