Beauty Without Bunnies! All about our Cruelty-Free Certification. is a proud member of the "Beauty Without Bunnies" program through People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals. We are listed in their online searchable database of authenticated cruelty-free companies.

Our products are only tested on consenting human volunteers. We generally use a "Cumulative Irritation Test" which determines the irritation and/or sensitization potential of a product after repeated application to the skin of human subjects.

None of our raw ingredient manufacturers test their products on animals, and we ask for verification of that fact.

We do not sell to any market that requires animal testing for our products.

We are highly committed to our policy regarding animal testing, and we fully and eagerly adhere to global cosmetic regulations regarding the use of animal testing.

Some of our skin serums contain a hydrolyzed collagen that is derived from fish scales, so would not be considered vegan. Our Hair Stimulating Serum and our Phloretin Serum would both be considered vegan.