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Our staff is well trained and knowledgeable in all things related to hair & skin, and eager to hear from you. We value your questions, comments, suggestions, and queries.

Also check out the QUESTIONS/Q&A section on each product page. The answer might be there already, or you can submit a product question there. Just navigate to the related product page, click REVIEWS, then click QUESTIONS.

Email:    or use the form on this page.

Voice: Toll-free U.S. (844)-REVIVSERUMS   [844-738-4873] or (415) 763-7248

Please note that to support our customers as quickly, efficiently, and accurately as possible, we prioritize email and chat communication over phone calls.

For your security and ours, we do not take retail phone orders. Online ordering is safer for you, and for us. Verification of your IP address; Secure Socket Layer connection; and other vital data for our credit card processor helps to prevent fraud. Statistically, using a secure online connection to enter credit card information is much safer than conveying it over the phone, since via phone the number could be written down and reused. With a secure online connection (I.E., you see a "lock" icon in the address bar of your browser), the data is encrypted both directions, and even we cannot see the entire number in the transaction record. / Astonishing Developments Ltd.
2030 Union Street Suite 206
San Francisco CA 94123

2030 Union St #206 San Francisco CA

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