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Accessories & Tools


Complimentary tools to get the most out of our serums.

Reviv Serums Dermaroller

This uniquely simple device enhances the action of Reviv Serums, and can help stimulate collagen, minimize acne scars & stretch marks, help stimulate hair follicle neogenesis (here's how) and increase blood flow (beneficial for thinning hair by helping to reduce dihydrotestosterone). With 540 stainless steel micropoints, our high-quality dermaroller helps topical active ingredients absorb more intensely into the skin and scalp.

Choose between two different strengths: our 0.50mm version is best for use on the face and scalp; our 1.5mm version is much stronger and better suited for the experienced user, as well as for thicker skin (hands, feet, upper back) and for thicker hair (the longer needles help reach the scalp).

Using gentle pressure, roll the dermaroller over each area to be treated several times, both vertically and horizontally. Use after applying any of our topical serums, or if desired it can be used both before and after applying a topical.

Use two or three times weekly until the skin becomes conditioned; it may be increased to twice daily as tolerated. Total treatment time should be no longer than 3-5 minutes. Your skin may look somewhat worse for a few days after treatment. Patience and consistency are key.


Rinse with warm water after each use. Once or twice a week, rinse with isopropyl (rubbing) alcohol. Avoid detergents, since they may dull the micropoints. Allow to dry before storing, and always store in the original protective container.


Some tingling and slight irritation may be normal until your skin becomes conditioned to the treatments, but discontinue use if persistent redness, irritation, broken skin or rash occurs. Do not use on active acne blemishes or open wounds. For individual use only; do not share your dermaroller with others. Keep out of reach of children.

$ 19.50
Deluxe Sample Set

Try some of our most popular serums. They'll give you an idea of their texture, look, feel, scent and initial efficacy before purchasing a full-sized product.

Set components:

Ultimate Serum with Stem Cells, Growth Factors and Peptides

Phloretin Serum with Ferulic and Alpha Lipoic Acid (premixed with 10% ascorbic acid)

RevivHair™ Hair Stimulating Serum with Redensyl®, Stem Cells, KGF and Peptides


Note: Limit TWO sets per customer. We reserve the right to limit quantities.

$ 8.00