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We lose a teaspoon of collagen from our faces every year after age 30. Here's how to fix that.

Collagen is a vital underlying structural support for your skin. As we age, the skin loses that more and more of that support, resulting in a loss of elasticity and firmness. Skin becomes weaker and thinner, and wrinkles set it. Here's how to help prevent collagen loss. Note that both our Ultimate Serum and Phloretin Serum contain ingredients shown to target collagen stimulation.


How To Naturally Boost Collagen


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What we don't do. Bonus: a great skincare regimen recommendation.

We don't make or sell low-end products like cleansers, toners, sunscreens, or store-brand potency glycolics or retinoids.

We focus on products that can bring you great value -- especially products equivalent to famous physician-office brands, so it's easy to compare, apples-to-apples. We then leapfrog them with brand new cosmetic chemistry, and provide them to you at a competitive price. Plus some truly novel products you won't find anywhere else (case in point: our hair stimulating products).

We DO recommend a full skincare regimen. And that would include a good cleanser based on your skin type; a good toner after that to restore a proper pH to your skin; sunscreen with at least SFP 30; an AHA like glycolic acid (in the cleanser and/or leave-on product); a BHA salicylic acid if you're acne- or blackhead-prone; and the strongest retinoid your skin type can tolerate (running the gamut from a store-bought retinol to a prescription retinoid). None of these products have to cost a lot to be very effective for their intended purpose.

After toning, but before physical sunscreen, use any one of our remarkable serums to quickly reveal skin that is dramatically more healthy, more radiant and visibly more youthful. If you're not up for the full regimen, then just use our TelomErase 6-in-1 Multi-Corrective Serum. You won't see results as fast, but you'll still recapture the skin you were born with.

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Age spots make you look older than wrinkles do

It's true. While wrinkles can of course make you look old, it's a fact that age spots can make you look even older. "Liver spots" (flat brown spots on the skin) don't really have anything to do with the liver. Instead, they're an almost universal sign of aging and sun exposure. They occur mainly on the hands, face and chest and tend to darken over time. has two great solutions for age spots. Our Phloretin Serum with Ferulic and Lipoic Acid works great on spots, especially during daytime sun exposure. And our Ultimate Serum is indeed the ultimate for a clear, even complexion and superbly healthy skin. Alpha Arbutin is one of its ingredients which inhibits tyrosinase and thus prevents the formation of melanin. It acts similarly to hydroquinone (in fact it's a "glycosylated hydroquinone" extracted from the bearberry plant) but it's a natural alternative without the side effects. It's also an expensive ingredient, but it's worth it.

While any of those three great products can significantly reduce or even eliminate age spots, the best prevention is to stay out of the sun and wear a physical sunscreen when you are in the sun. At least SPF 30.

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New Reviews System for

We've switched Reviews systems! New friends at Great look & features, and reviews are now easier to read. You can also add Likes and Dislikes. All vetted, just like our prior system. Real reviews you can trust to help you with your purchasing decision. Brag: So far, we've never had anything less than 5-star or 4-star reviews! Check them out, at the bottom of each product page.

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Why "all-in-one" skin care products are a misnomer

Man applying skincare serum

Q. Why do we make so many different skincare serums? Why can't you put all the ingredients into one product? It's very confusing.

A. That's a great question. 

The answer lies in chemistry.

There are many ingredient incompatibilities, especially related to pH and to electrical charge (cationic/positive charge; anionic/negative charge).

Many ingredients like delicate proteins (growth factors, etc.) cannot stand a low pH, nor can many preservatives. Niacinamide can turn into nicotinic acid if the pH isn't in the right range. Copper and Vitamin C can theoretically cancel each other out. Certain ingredients need a lower pH to be effective.

Then there is the issue of volume and potency. Most ingredients require a certain volume to be considered "active." You can only add so many of these active ingredients before everything starts to get diluted, and thus ineffective.


The exceptions? Certain actives like peptides, growth factors and stem cells. Such ingredients are measured in micrograms -- a unit of mass equal to one millionth of a gram -- and little volume is required for such ingredients to be very effective. That's why, for example, we're able to "shove" the top 25 primary ingredients of TNS Essential Serum® into Reviv Serums' Ultimate Serum AND leapfrog that formula by also including hexapeptides and stem cells.


While we wish we could provide a product that contained a sunscreen, antioxidants, stem cells, hydrators, brighteners, tighteners, telomere-targeters, glycolic acid, retinoid, emollients, redness reducer, wrinkle filler, anti-inflammatory, copper, vitamin C, etc. -- all in one bottle. It's not practical or possible. Be skeptical of the efficacy of any product that portrays itself to do it all. There is really no such thing as an "all-in-one" skincare product.

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