RevivHair Max Stimulating Serum - now with Prohairin-Beta4

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Announcing a RevivHair Max Stimulating Serum upgrade!

• Now with Prohairin-Beta4:

Studies show that Prohairin-ß4 (Octapeptide-2) acts as a stimulator of hair growth, at least in part by antagonizing the inhibitory effects of something called BMP4 on hair follicle development. It also targets the prevention of depigmentation in hair.

• Additional upgrades for RevivHair Max: new bottle safety seal; separate shrink-wrapped dropper applicator included; larger packaging; SAME LOW PRICE!

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Should you avoid skincare products in jars?

There's a growing trend against jar packaging, especially related to skincare cosmetics. Should you avoid those products?

If you use your fingers to apply a product from a jar, there is a small chance of introducing contamination over time that might overwhelm the preservative system and introduce bacteria or mold. That's a slim chance, and mitigated by making sure you don't let the product sit on your shelf too long. Be sure to pay attention to any Use-By/Expiration date or P.A.O. (Period After Opening) warning on the package.

An open jar is also more exposed to oxygen, and can affect antioxidants and other active ingredients and potentially make them less potent. Again, this side effect can be mitigated by making sure you keep the jar sealed, and use the product in a reasonable timeframe once opened.

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Why our Ultimate Serum bottle isn't dual-chamber like TNS Essential Serum

TNS Essential Serum® by SkinMedica® Allergan® has a very fancy pump bottle that contains two different chambers. You dispense both sides at the same time, and are instructed to mix the two together on the back of your hand.

One side of the pump has a pH of 5, and the other just less than that, at about 4.5.

We're inclined to think that the dual pump of TNS Essential Serum is essentially a marketing gimmick. What's the point of keeping two halves of the product separate, only to mix them together?

Growth factors and certain peptides are rendered less effective at a pH of less than 5. Presumably that is why the TNS product is packaged that way, although we of course can't be for sure (the manufacturer doesn't mention why). When you mix the two parts of the product together, of course you also blend the two pH levels, and would presumably also negatively affect any sensitive growth factors once mixed.

That's why our Ultimate Serum has a pH of about 5.8. It's a low enough pH to create a good acid balance on your skin, but not too low to adversely affect the sensitive growth factors and peptides in contains. All in one nice, but non-fussy, bottle. That's one reason why we can offer our Ultimate Serum at such a fair price. Ounce-for-ounce, it's about 1/4th the price of Skinmedica's TNS Essential Serum even though it contains the top 23 ingredients of that very effective, yet very pricey, product.

Note from our legal eagles: RevivSerums Ultimate Serum is neither endorsed, nor sponsored by, nor affiliated with Allergan Inc.

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About our packaging: functional, attractive but not overbuilt

While our serums are bottled in good-looking and functional treatment pumps and bottles, we don't use fancy airless pumps or customized metallic decorative do-dads. It save you money. Plus we want to encourage you to use our serums with consistency and frequency, and not let them sit on the shelf for years at a time. Your skin will thank you. We also sell each serum in an ounce-volume that should last a few months, and not require any extra packaging to keep it safe until you fully use it. We also use non-opaque bottles so you can see exactly how much product you're getting, and when you're beginning to run low. You would be surprised to disassemble some of our competitors' high-end packaging to find a tiny inner container, and plenty of product left over in what seems to be an "empty" airless pump bottle. Simpler is better, and greener!

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