All about sonic facial cleansers

From our colleagues over at The Beauty Brains, a nice overview of sonic facial cleansers. We think they really work, and their gentle exfoliation helps our serums penetrate better. Note that we don't formulate cleansers (here's why) but we recommend one with a good AHA (alpha hydroxy acid) and/or BHA (beta hydroxy acid).

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ACID -- on your skin?!

From our colleagues at Beauty High, a great run-down on "acids" (ascorbic; ferulic; glycolic; etc.):


Acids in Your Skincare Products: What They Are and Why They Work


If you cringe a little when you hear the word “acid” used in the same sentence as “your face,” we don’t blame you! Yet even though it might make you think of a high school lab experiment gone wrong, acids in skin care products are actually pretty stellar ingredients. These complexion-boosting stars can unclog pores, minimize discoloration and hyperpigmentation, smooth fine lines and wrinkles and treat acne. Read on to see how the most common acids in our beauty products can get you one step closer to skin nirvana.


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What we don't do. Bonus: a great skincare regimen recommendation.

We don't make or sell low-end products like cleansers, toners, sunscreens, or store-brand potency glycolics or retinoids.

We focus on products that can bring you great value -- especially products equivalent to famous physician-office brands, so it's easy to compare, apples-to-apples. We then leapfrog them with brand new cosmetic chemistry, and provide them to you at a competitive price. Plus some truly novel products you won't find anywhere else (case in point: our hair stimulating products).

We DO recommend a full skincare regimen. And that would include a good cleanser based on your skin type; a good toner after that to restore a proper pH to your skin; sunscreen with at least SFP 30; an AHA like glycolic acid (in the cleanser and/or leave-on product); a BHA salicylic acid if you're acne- or blackhead-prone; and the strongest retinoid your skin type can tolerate (running the gamut from a store-bought retinol to a prescription retinoid). None of these products have to cost a lot to be very effective for their intended purpose.

After toning, but before physical sunscreen, use any one of our remarkable serums to quickly reveal skin that is dramatically more healthy, more radiant and visibly more youthful. If you're not up for the full regimen, then just use our TelomErase 6-in-1 Multi-Corrective Serum. You won't see results as fast, but you'll still recapture the skin you were born with.

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