Adipose Management Cosmetics: a growing trend

New RevivSculpt Transforming Body Serum is in the relatively new category of "adipose management" and body sculpting cosmetics.

Novel ingredients in our new body serum target adipose, including phytochemicals like epigallocatechin-3-gallate, and thermogenic agents like methylxanthine, theobromine and cynara scolymus (artichoke) bud extract, and all have been shown to have an impact on adipose management.

What is "adipose" anyway?

From our colleagues at and CoValence Laboratories, excerpts from an article about this burgeoning new segment:

In the new-era of “preventive strikes against cellulite genesis,” adipose management ingredients and products are the future-wave for all cellulite and lipo-fill products, and a far cry from ubiquitous quick-fix cellulite and anti-aging body lotions.
Adipocytes are a major constituent of adipose tissue that controls energy balance by storing triglycerides in periods of energy excess and mobilizing it during energy deprivation.

Adipocytes also secrete numerous lipid and protein factors and are considered to constitute a major endocrine organ. Adipogenesis is the process during which fibroblast-like pre-adipocytes develop into mature adipocytes.

White adipose tissue (WAT) and brown adipose tissue (BAT) are the two most well known types of adipose tissue, along with a few functionally distinct variants such as beige and pink. Different adipose tissues have varying functions. WAT are unilocular cells that store body fat wherein a large lipid droplet is surrounded by a layer of cytoplasm. BAT are multilocular cells that have lipid droplets scattered throughout cytoplasm. The brown color comes from the large quantity of mitochondria present in the cell, which makes them thermogenic cells that protect animals against obesity and metabolic disease. Adipocytes are never lost, even after weight loss. The adipocytes merely gain or lose fat content to adjust for body weight changes. If the adipocytes reach their maximum capacity of fat, they may replicate to allow additional fat storage.

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The first product of its type to address slimming, tightening, wrinkle blur, body odors

June 10, 2015/PRNEWSWIRE -, a San Francisco-based global leader in cosmetic chemistry innovation, introduces a first-of-its-kind body serum, RevivSculpt™ Transforming Body Serum.

A unique multi-action intensive formula, RevivSculpt reduces the appearance of sags & wrinkles, calms irritation, and firms the skin for a visible lift. Genuine diamond dust works subtly to manipulate light and create a dramatically enhanced “soft focus” effect that blurs imperfections.

"RevivSculpt is a great example of innovative, thoughtful prototyping in cosmetic chemistry," said Dr. Sarah Chisolm, Atlanta-based dermatologist. "There is strong demand for a product that addresses the intended target concerns: sun damage, skin dimpling and nodularity associated with adiposis edematosa (cellulite), wrinkle blurring, skin irritation and body odors."

In a 21-day, 17-person consumer study of RevivSculpt, over 85% of consumers tested noted a reduction in the appearance of stretch marks, dimpled skin & skin roughness, 72% of testers also saw a reduction in the appearance of age spots and discolorations, and 90% agreed that it made their skin more soft or smooth.

While typical body lotions can hydrate skin and help temporarily relieve symptoms, the results are often superficial and can mask underlying problems. RevivSculpt serum targets skin damage, proper skin barrier functioning, and a range of other benefits.

RevivSculpt incorporates a number of novel cosmetic ingredients sourced worldwide, including:

PhytoCellTec™ Argan, based on the stem cells of the argan tree. According to its developer, Mibelle AG Biochemistry Switzerland, it is the very first cosmetic active demonstrating proven efficacy on human dermal stem cells. Studies show that PCT Argan can produce a tightening of dermal connective tissue and a much smoother dermis-hypodermis junction.

SLIMEXIR® is a slimming and anti-cellulite compound that visibly and measurably refines the silhouette. This fast-acting body toner has been shown to increase breakdown of fats by 60%, and inhibit lipid accumulation in adipocytes by 55%, and provides a tightening film on the skin.

Genuine diamond particles manipulate incident light by converting invisible UV light to blue light (photoluminescence) and selectively scattering favorable blue and green light. The particles settle into fine lines and sags to decrease the appearance of wrinkles and give skin the glow of youth, not just the sheen of oil.

Unisooth EG-28 is an innovative bioactive complex blend extracted from oak leaves and green tea and is shown in studies to rapidly reduce irritation in as fast as 15 minutes, reduce trans-epidermal water loss (TEWL), and reduce red and blue color components of skin.

Fluidipure 8G™ fights unpleasant body odors, calms skin, restores the skin's natural pH acidic mantle, decreases the production of sebum, and aids in limiting the proliferation of microorganisms on the skin.

RevivSculpt debuts at an introductory price of $44 for a limited time, a $15 savings off its retail price of $59. It is available immediately at with flat-fee shipping.


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