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Ultimate Serum: Using vitamin C and copper together

Written By: The Serum Guru

A customer emailed a good question:

Hi, was looking at the ingredients on my Ultimate Serum. Can you please clear something up for me? I had read that you should not mix copper and vitamin c, for they cancel each other out. What are your thoughts?

Our response:

Thank you for contacting us, and for your question. You're correct that ordinarily substantial amounts of copper and vitamin c should not be mixed together since they can cancel out each others' effects. However, the copper in our Ultimate Serum is somewhat unique in that it is "containerized" in a phospholipid liposome, and contains trace minerals, both of which assist to allow it to be used in a formulation with tetrahexyldecyl ascorbate [the vitamin c ingredient in the Ultimate Serum] . Note, however, that you would not want to apply an ascorbic acid product like our Phloretin Serum either immediately before, or after, applying the Ultimate Serum [or our Healing Serum] as it can negatively affect the delicate growth factors, stem cells, and the copper. We recommend using one of those products in the morning, and the other one at bedtime. At the least, we recommend waiting at least one hour before applying such an ascorbic acid product, and using a toner to balance pH before applying it.

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